All Work And No Play Make Pengovsky Miss Out On Two Posts

Pengovsky is working on Meeting of European Capitals’ Mayors taking place in Ljubljana today and tommorrow, hence the lack of posts these past two days. Sorry 🙁 I know you miss my fabulous political analysis and in-depth, behind-the-scenes and off-the-record information.

Well, at least Friday Foxies are still on schedule 😉 Sleeping with Pengovsky should be back to normal as of Monday.

BTW: LAST CALL for any and all who want to join in on the Liberation day hike around Ljubljana on Saturday. Pengovsky will start around 8 AM at KT 1 (Agrotehnika Gruda, see this post for details), but you can join in anywhere on the circuit. No live blogging this year, though 🙁 The proper equipment is out of order…

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5 thoughts on “All Work And No Play Make Pengovsky Miss Out On Two Posts”

  1. I might start in Fužine again and do half of the circle as I (we) did last year). If that will be the case, we’ll meet somewhere on the way. 😉

  2. I’ll be with you in spirit.

    BTW, am I right in assuming that our newly elected mayor of London hasn’t made the trip to your lovely capital to join the beanfest?

    Shame if he hasn’t. Mind you, he’s an interesting character.

    Here he is “playing” football.

    We’re in for an interesting ride.

  3. @Adriaan: Yes, Boris couldn’t make it, unfortunatelly… Red Ken confirmed attendance, but alas the good people of London decided otherwise 😀

    But I think that Zoki and Boris would totally get along :mrgreen:

  4. You may have noticed the game in question was against the Germans.

    No national stereotyping there, then.


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