BUSTED: TV Slovenia Claims Mayor Janković Will Run For Parliament

There’s only one problem. He won’t.

Given the fact that mayor Zoran Janković and his list of city councilors are the only non-parlamentarian political force in Slovenia to be reckoned with on the national level, his continuously rumoured running for parlimanetnary office in autumn is frequently the topic of choice for journalists and pundits all over Slovenia. Despite the fact that Janković has continuously denined any such future move.

The title reads “Jankovič Will Run With Another List” (source, if not already changed)

Now, why would they run a story like that? Because they skipped class when sense od humour was being handed out. In the video you’ll see Janković give a straigth answer to a journalist’s question about whether he’ll run or not. And after Zoki takes a jibe at the press, pengovsky (smart as ever) decides to light up the mood and asks “what about any other list?”. A valid question, but it wasn’t meant entirely seriously. And neither was the answer:

Everyone got it. Except for RTV SLO webiste, where the team probably spent the afternoon asking themselves how could it be that noone else picked up the story. We’ll I’ve got some real news for you guys: It was a joke! Lighten up :mrgreen: And stop transcribing verbatim what everyone else says. Use your own head!

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6 thoughts on “BUSTED: TV Slovenia Claims Mayor Janković Will Run For Parliament”

  1. Well, TBH, the website is run by students with the IQ of 50.
    No surprise to me.

  2. Well, they’ve got to have an editor – and he/she missed that. If I were the editor of the website, this supposed turnabout would ring all the alarm bells and I’d send the kids to triple-check the facts before running the piece.

  3. @Kimi: Jesus… Thanks for the link though! 😀

    @lisa: Snap indeed! And you know what the worst part is? People are starting to see ghosts and are interpreting this as “he didn’t say no”…

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