Primary Colours (Slovenian Version)

This is what kept me from posting yesterday….

You, the faithful public of this puny blog, are more often than not exposed to names like Bojan Šrot, Katarina Kresal, Sašo Peče, Borut Pahor, Janez Janša and the rest of the gang of Slovene politicians. But who are? How do they look like really? How do they move, do they walk the walk and talk the talk? In short – how do you tell them apart?

Look no further – here is a quick guide to politicians who will most likely shape the ongoing election campaign and the final result. They are all local colour to the nth degree. They are the movers and the shakres. They are in the know. They are – in short – the Slovenian version of Primary Colours

Video:, The Firm™, other

Music: Geburt Einer Nation (Laibach), Amerika (Rammstein), Sympathy For The Devil (The Charile Watts Quartet), Sikidim (Tarkan), Smooth Operator (Sade), Je T’aime (Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg), Barbie Girl (Aqua), Private Dancer (Tina Turner), Greased Lightning (John Travolta), A Je To (Pat & Mat), Lilli Marlene (Marlene Dietrich), Don’t Cry For me Argentina (Andre Rieu)

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80 thoughts on “Primary Colours (Slovenian Version)”

  1. Nice! Just the Imperial March is somehow missing from the video.
    And… what’s with the two minutes of “black future” at the end ?

  2. I love the idea and… great job on the video! Two comments though… I don’t think Lili Marleen is the optimal selection for an avid supporter of the Slovenian ww2 resistance fighters… and gosh you really may have an issue with good ole JJ… I mean many of us do, but yours seems rather emphasized :mrgreen:

  3. @DR – it was worth!
    According to my father Lili has been sang by all sides (in different languages and with different text). It was only forbidden for a long period in Yugoslavia after ww2 because the German Radio Belgrade used some bars of it as announcement for its transmission.

  4. @Disablez: The “movie version” is still in the making 😆 Thanks for the heads-up on the blackness. It was a bad converting job on the whole and a new version is already on its way 🙂

  5. Ooo, super. You had me laughing all of the time. Barbika, Jelinčič, Kresal and Golubič are especially WELL DONE 😆

  6. I’ve uploaded a shorter version (sans two minutes of darkness at the end :)). Also, the quality is sligthly better now.

    @dr. filomena: I think Davor explained 🙂 Also, I might have used something like “When I’m sixty-four”, but that would require a different video altogether – and they’re not that easy to come by 🙂

    @alcessa, perpetuum: Thanks! 😀

  7. @jaKa: I forgot Sade! (slaps forehead) Thx! A Freudian slip on my part, I’m sure 🙂

    Oh, and thanks for the compliment & link!

  8. Pengovsky-pure genious! I wanna have your babies!

    FINALLY some quality, hilariously eye-watering political….hm, truth?!

    Abaris, good job too, congrats!

  9. @Corto: Thank you, thank you 😳 As for the babies – you’ll have to get in line, I’m afraid :mrgreen:

    @Abaris: I forgot to say it earlier – nice choice of music! 😉

  10. Really cool!! And if we are talking about favorites … well, Pahor and Bajuk were obvious choices, but nontheless very funny, Rupel was great, Golobič as “smooth operator” knocked me off my chair, but my all time favorite is without a doubt Katarina Kresal. Of course the music is great, but what a video!! Camera rising from her beautiful legs, for a while her gaze is somewhat lost in thought, and then … it happens. That look in the camera and that smile … that must be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!

  11. Yes, slow motiton and the music make it perfect(because abaris’ versions unfortunately ruined it, but it had some other great moments, like Podobnik. ROTFL). Anyway, no offence, but I somehow presumed that smile was meant for Denis and not for good old Pengovsky, even though he’s by no means ill-looking guy himself, he isn’t.

  12. Is the Pope Catholic?

    I don’t even listen to radio anymore, because it only takes her voice to get me down on my all four and bark like a dog…

  13. Well, sorry to disturb your ol’ talks, but i have to open my heart to my home country at this moment. Extreme ly well done!My favorite part was still D.I.Y, because, to tell you the truth, more handmade is- no matter the consequences- the more it feels like Slovenia. Well done, precious…

  14. Oooh! That Kresal woman. I’d vote for her regardless of her policies!

    I’m shallow like that…

  15. You’re not alone! With that look she almost got my vote too 🙂 Besides – according to abaris, she’s a bit on the kinky side, so that’s an added bonus 😈

  16. Great film. Here’s an English anagrammatical comment on Slovenian politicians. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about Slovenian politics to know if there is any accuracy, prophesy or slander in them (except for Mr Podobnik who is clearly neither blond nor Macedonian!)

    Milan Kucan – A Man In Luck .. or .. In Anal Muck. (You decide)
    Danilo Turk – U drink a lot
    Gregor Golobic – Big Ego. Loco. Grr!
    Gregor Golobic, Zares – Glib aggro – score zero
    Saso Pece, Lipa – Spoils a peace
    Katarina Kresal, LDS – Sank all dark satire
    Janez Podobnik, SLS – Skopje’s blond Nazi
    Bojan Srot SLS – Ran SS,lost job
    Karel Erjavec, DeSus – Suave jerk declares

    Can we swap Katarina for Ann Widdecombe? Please! Please!

  17. My husband liked her, too (“she’s got that certain look”). 😀

    He wondered about a politician keeping the name Schrott (German for scrap metal, junk), though.

  18. @plavtrg: Excellent – except Ann Widdecombe 😕 That one scared the living daylights out of me 🙂

    @alcessa: Nomen est omen, no? 😉

    apparently people at Zares have got a sense of humour 🙂

  19. Hvala! 😀 V bistvu je pri JJju isti komad kot na začetku (Geburt Einer Nation), pa se mi ni zdelo smiselno, da bi ponavljal.

  20. BTW: Pri Jaki se je pojavil neki Tomaž Štih 😈 , ki je čisto zgrožen nad tvojo propagando za Golobiča. Sama sem precej šokirana: sem mislila, da gre za propagando Kresalove, pa še to ne stranke, temveč dečve same. Sama nikoli ne bi volila nekoga z oznako Smooth Operator – a je kaj narobe z mano?!?!

  21. alcessa, kar počakaj. ko pride volitev dan, bodo tvoje roke zaradi Pinkovskega (lol) spretne propagande kar same od sebe na listku obkrožile golobičevo ime 😀

  22. Cornelius: …ja, ne da. Itak.

    Ker sem po difoltu preneumna, da bi si svojega kandidata/kandidatko/stranko izbrala po postopku razmišljanja, potrebujem multimedijalne vsebine, ki mi neopazno sugerirajo, koga naj volim.

  23. alcessa: itak. a ne veš, da so levičarji po difoltu opranomožgane kure, ki ne razmišljajo s svojo glavo, ampak brcajo, kot jim komanda iz murgel narekuje? in da je naš peng itak samo orodje pete internacionale? očitno si še bolj indoktrinirana kot sem mislil… 😉

    pengovsky (+the non-Slovenes here): sorry about the wall of Slovene text 🙂

  24. Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone that it is the secret code, tramsmitting the final instructions by the High Politkomisariat on how to execute a radical-left takover of power in this counrty 😉

  25. Unfortunately Pengovsky, your undercover propaganda won’t work with me. The High Obersturmkomisariat dictating my voting decisions told me to vote her.

  26. Jesus, I wasn’t aware we’ve seen so much of her flesh! 😆
    That’s what Mr. Štih calls subliminal advertising.

  27. Alcessa, tvoja dedukcija v nobenem primeru ne more biti pravilna, ker izhaja iz zgrešene premise, da imajo volilne odločitve kakršno koli zvezo z raciom. Jaz, na primer, bom volila ultra privlačnega S.P. ne glede na to, kaj bo rekel s svojim zapeljivim glasom in ne glede na to, po katerem drevesu bo poimenoval svoje društvo. Z izjemo pahljačastega javorja. Iz očitnih razlogov.

  28. Dr. filomena: ja, priznam, da se malce pretvarjam. Predvsem pa neobjektivno tajim rezultate vseh tistih raziskav, ki dokazujejo, da smo ženske (in nekateri ostali državljani) samo pogojno ali sploh ne primerne za aktivno izvajanje in udeležbo v demokratičnih procesih, kot so volitve, izražanje lastnega mnenja ter racionalno odločanje. Na osnovi podvojenega kromosoma x smo, to je dokazano, organsko sposobne le za emocionalne procese, kamor spada tudi občasno pretvarjanje racionalnih preferenc vsled zavajanja javnosti.

    Sama razmišljam, da bi volila ultra privlačnega dohtarja Guida Westerwelleja.

  29. Well, I wasn’t talking about the overall democracy… I meant our own personal democracy. Our constitutional right to check the looks, the boobs and the hairstyle of every potential candidate, for example.

  30. I believe in good conversation and good results for all people in our country.
    Unhappines of people is not a picture of demokratic sistem.

    Let they sit down and talk how to make better life for all of us.

  31. Very funny except for JJ – you afforded an increadible twist of facts – it is JJ who pulled us out of dictatorship and not the other way round!

    If you feel oppressed in our new state (which I love and cherish), you would perhaps feel more comfortable in Serbia whose leaders led their nation not into democracy and the EU but into war with close and remote neighbours …

  32. Mighty colours, congrats!

    Faith and Hope and Charity
    one for you and one for me.
    Money doesn’t grow on tree
    but babies come from ladies* – except Ariadna, for she’s an Alien. (Be more careful with that rope!)

    *Fun Boy 3

  33. @Hope: Peace!

    @Ariadna: To quote Monty Python: “I fart in your general direction!” 👿 Don’t pull that love-it-or-leave-it crap on me. Brush up on your history. Yes, JJ was a part of it, but he wasn’t alone. There was also Kučan, but most importantly, there were the people.

    @Kowak: hehe, good one 🙂

  34. Aja, nisem vedla, da so šli Kučan in ljudstvo v zapor zaradi svobode govora – kritike JLA. Si pozabu, da je Janšev pogum potegnil za sabo javnost in zagon za osvoboditev?

    Kdo je že ukazal razorožitev teritorialne obrambe – Kučan ali JJ? In kdo tega ukaza ni ubogal, da smo se potlej lahko uprli JLA? Kučan ali obrambni minister JJ?

    Brush up on YOUR history, Pengovsky. Let’s talk about facts.

  35. I did brush up my history… That’s why I know what I know. Baby, you sound like JJ’s echo chamber…. Yes, let’s talk about facts. JJ was instrumental in achieving independence, yes. But so was Kučan. And people were not following (OK, maybe you were). People were demanding changes and the politicians obliged. So don’t be so damn smithen by JJ. He is a man and as such he is fallible. He demonstrated that in the last three-and-a-half years on numerous occasions.

    And besides – I took a good stab at Kučan and Rupel in the video as well. You’re not bothered by that, are you? I wonder why…

  36. Ja, je res, da nihče ni nezmotljiv. Vendar vsaj jaz kakšnih večjih napak pri Janši v zadnjih 3,5 letih nisem opazila, tako kot ste jih vi.
    Jaz sem se morala odzvati na vaše zlonamerno postavljanje Janševe slike skupaj s Stalinom itn., saj se tega ne da primerjati s šalami na račun drugih politikov, ki so zelo blage in v glavnem kar dobronamerne (no, razen pri Erjavcu, na kar pa je že opozorila neka druga bralka).

  37. Well, I noticed a lot of mistakes. But hey, It’s just me. Everything on this blog is done on purpose. So, there’s a picture of Joe Stalin. And? So is Tito’s picture. Aren’t you bothered by that? And if you had taken the time to really connect the dots you’d have noticed that none of the jokes are actually nice. Some are better than others, but please, don’t make me explain them to you. You seem to have time on your hands – why don’t you go through the lyrics of the songs and see what you come up with…

    …Jeez, some people just don’t have a sense of humor….

  38. Pengovsky, overlaping pics of Stalin over JJ was a bit over the top, IMO, since you didn’t do that sorta thing with any of the other guest stars in your video. But that’s your licencia poetica (?), I suppose…

    Ariadna: I bet you think that Mladina, the weekly that Janša published those documents in, and that was the driving force behind the protests that eventualy got him out of prison, is a communist propaganda leaflet, as well? See, things change, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad. And even if Janša did self-handedly, under fire from everybody else, emancipate Slovenia, as you seem to believe, that doesn’t give him a carte blanche to do as he pleases *now* – umlike Tito, who could do as he damn well wanted, simply on the merit of having “defeated the Nazis”. Democracy’s tough that way.

  39. Mr. Pengovsky, I am watching your movie over and over. Just perfect.

    Well, while some choices do not bring much added value, e.g Barby, Argentina, two do indeed. Rupel and America is in my opinion the perfect match. Also Jelinčič and private dancer.

    Well, all are just perfect. This is definitely not a one-night work.

    P.S. Is it possible to get a link to the Sade’s full text?

  40. I’d have to verify with you here. Which isn’t something I usually do! I take pleasure in reading a post that may make people think. Also, thanks for permitting me to remark!

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