Exit, Stage Left


I’m afraid this is the very last post on this blog. It seems that I’ve taken it too far and it would be very unwise for me to continue blogging – at least in this shape and form. I also wish I could elaborate on my decison, but I can’t. It was fun while it lasted, though.


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17 thoughts on “Exit, Stage Left”

  1. Damn, I’m wondering what in the world could be serious enough for you to stop blogging. 🙁 Not because you’d love blogging so much (I have no ideas about that) but because you’re a fighter and definitely not a quitter. 🙁

    Can we at least keep MM & FF? :mrgreen:

  2. I pity the fo… er… oh! I’m sorry the long arm of JJ got you and forced you to take this step, but this will surely teach you a lesson. Don’t mess with the 101% of population or you will suffer the consequences.

  3. hehe 😆 Obviously this is an April 1st joke. And a bad one at that, as it didn’t last 20 minutes 🙂 But hey – if I wrote that Dimitrij Rupel resigned, would you believe it? 😀

  4. Damn you! 😳 I totally believed it. 😳 And I should’ve known! My stepfather has a birthday today and I was wondering how should I fool him. Damn you again! I feel silly now. 😉

  5. It would be a much better joke if you’d stick to it for the whole day.
    We could read tons of funny/silly/intelligent/totally stupid
    comments, some tears would be shed no doubt,
    but we’d have lots of fun
    And to think that only yesterday you were saying to me
    @Aja: Don’t give up! Argue your case
    Damn! such a lost opportunity

  6. Got me! Still invoruntarily nodding my head due to keyboard-banging inertia. Nice forehead pattern though.

  7. Sorry P, you didn’t fool me for a minute. At least not this time!

    Don’t worry there’ll be other opportunities.

  8. Let’s just hope, this message didn’t make anyone commit suicide before realizing it was only a joke 🙂

  9. Dimitri Rupel resigned?? 😯


    (Yup, didn’t fool me, P. Nice try, though ;))

  10. Shit! This means we have to put up with more crap from this blog? I mean, the occasional MM is a welcome distraction to the horrors of the average work-day-Monday, but the rest of the stuff is utterly unpalatable.

    And here I was, bringing out champagne to celebrate with Karlinas. 🙁

  11. Sorry to disappoint you 😈 Besides, Čarli is probably off mass-clicking the correct answers on some webpoll out there…

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