History Repeating

The title of this Shiley Bassey song came to mind when I stumbled upon an issue of Delo newspaper dated December 9th 1985. It was a funny feeling. Dated almost 23 years ago, this particular issue of Delo bears striking similarities to today’s headlines. It is as if we are running around in circles. You don’t believe me? Try this on for size:


1: West Germany Threatned By A Wave Of Strikes
A quarter of a century later the Germans are still up to their old tricks apparently

2. OPEC Looking To Solve Oil Woes
Hm… If you only knew back then….

3. Primož Ulaga Beats World Elite In Canada
The legendary Slovene ski-jumper won in Thunder Bay, Canada and went on to win the Planica event three years later. This year the whole thing was dominated by Austrians

4. USA Amassing Planes Off Lybia?
USA Amassing Planes Off Iran?

5. Hurricane Strikes Germany, Floods Hit Holland
The only difference is that they didn’t name European windstorms back then

6. Page 5: 50 members of Albanian separatist movement arrested
It’s just that today its the Serbs who are getting arrested.

7. Jesenice Decisevly Beat Ljubljana
Well, this time around, Ljubljana got the upper hand. Against the Austrians, mind you 🙂

8. Police Officers Killed In South Africa
Only two?

But, there are also differences…

9. Bishops Agree: A Compromise Between Fractions
A paper, even today accused of being communist, running an article about Vatican proceedings in top left corner back in 1985?. My, my…

10. A New Bankonte For 5000 Dinars
Well, we’re still far from a new euro banknote being issued – let alone one with Tito’s face on it – but, not surprisingly, inflation was a problem then as it is now.

Well, there you have it. If you’re feeling like Bill Murray you may be on to something. Shirley Bassey knew all along, of course 😉

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11 thoughts on “History Repeating”

  1. @venera: with periodical bleeding, you mean? And yes, Olimpija lost Sunday’s game to Salzburg, but beat a whole lot of other Austrian teams 🙂

  2. If I ignore the fact that the majority of players’ names in both teams were neither Slovene nor Austrian, I am truly happy for Olimpija and hope the final victory (4 wins, I believe) will be theirs.
    Bleeding, yes. Only, massive bleeding.
    As for oil: I hope the stock runs out before we blast this planet. So we won’t have to go grey with oil prices.

  3. It really does make one think.
    I had the same thoughts running through my head when reading Slovenian newspapers from the late 19th century, trying to find more material for my undergraduate thesis.
    We’re all just human, eh?

  4. @venera: 😀 potem pa z veseljem sledi še kakšen recept. Morda za spremembo kaj prave hrane in ne sladica 😉 Sicer pa ob priliki peach cobbler… reč, ki jo lahko spackaš v manj kot 10 minutah, spečeš v pol ure in poješ v trenutku 😉

  5. I wonder what other treasures are to be found under the beds.

    I really must investigate.

    It’s not quite Indiana Jones though! 🙂

  6. Interesting point of view. If somebody found out in which cycle precisely the news repeat, Gorenjci (and maybe we Svabians aswell) stop buying newspapers 😉

  7. @Adriaan: Who knows… The last Indie flick was about a book, right?

    @Dietmar: I’m sure we can figure that one out 🙂

    @lisa: Yeah? 🙂 Ulaga also got a bronze in Calgary ’88

  8. Tbay is Northern Ontario’s second most glittering metropolis ;). I’ve driven by Calgary’s Olympic ski jump site though, impressive.

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