Pahor wooing Rupel?

Borut Pahor and Dimitrij Rupel in a romantic setting.

A little birdie told me Borut Pahor asked Dimitrij Rupel if he’d be willing to stay on as foreign minister. I went LOL, OMG and WTF simultaneously. If the rumour is true, than two things are possible: a) either Borut Pahor doesn’t really want to win the upcoming elections or b) someone big and powerful won’t throw money at you if you don’t co-opt a the last, best defence of US interests in this part of the world.

But hopefully the rumour is not true.

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8 thoughts on “Pahor wooing Rupel?”

  1. Something like that. Plus, there were pieces of toast flying out of my mouth as I was eating at the time…. Not a pretty sight. 😀

  2. My god! That man has more staying power than the energizer bunny. If this is true, then the other rumours must be true as well, cuz it’s not his shining record or his personal skills that are keeping him Supreme Foreign Minister for Eternity.

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