Clean Shovel Hits The Wrong Back

The control tower that will not be

According to this story by Dnevnik, Operation Clean Shovel took a slight turn for the unexpected. Namely, one of the accused, Vegrad CEO Hilda Tovšak is said to have spoken to a personal secretary of Prime Minister Janez Janša who supposedly assured her that the deal for the new 100 metre high control tower at Ljubljana Airport (wiretaps confirming fixing the result of the tender for the project lead up to arrests) would go to her company and that the PM was in the know.

Now, this may all be nothing, but this personal secetary (who is personal secretary to the prime minister no more, mind you) is a son of a prominent SDS supporter and an occasional golfing partner to the PM which puts Janez Janša dangerously close to the whole thing. Could it be that he will be the one getting hit on the back with a clean shovel?

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4 thoughts on “Clean Shovel Hits The Wrong Back”

  1. Since almost every participant in the Operation Clean Shovel is a member of the coalition or at list closely connected to the coalition, now the PM will present the calculation what amount Slovenia would save when getting rid of the coalition.

  2. @Davor: Interesting point. It certainly could come in handy to have an excuse to strike up a partnership with other parties than before. To justify abandoning current ones and parter up with SD, for example.

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