Who Gets To Build Ljubljana Stadium?

So, apparently we’ll know for a fact today who will win the bid to build the footbal stadium in Ljubljana. A story which began in late 1999 when then-mayor Vika Potočnik blurted out the promise to build a new stadium in light of successes of Slovene footbal team (which had then just qualified for Euro 2000, against all odds), might at last get a move on.

The proposed look of the new stadium

But truth be told, I’m not really holding my breath. Yes, we’re marginally closer to getting a stadium than we were a year (or ten years ago) and yes, Mayor Janković did a lot to breath life into the project (it is afterall central to his political platform) and the project he proposes seems to be sound: The municipality will sell the land to whoever bids the highest and this investor will then build a shopping mall for himself and a stadium and a sports hall for the city (we’re still waiting for the details, though), but as long as I’m not seeing the mayor kicking off the game (as he promised he would do), I’m not buying the tickets.

BTW: there are seven bidders for the stadium. Any bets as to who will get the contract? 😈

EDIT: In the end the job went to a consortium of Gradis construction company and retail company Merkur for a total sum of € 81 million. SCT bailed out just before the deadline, as did four other potential ivestors. The only other bidder was Red d.o.o., a consortium of the infamous Jurij Schollmayer and a group of Dutch investors. Schollmayer and Merkur crossed paths some years ago when former sold his limping Big Bang stores to the latter, which turned out to be one of the worst deals Merkur ever made, spending a lot of money to get Big Band out of the red and pay outstanding debts.

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18 thoughts on “Who Gets To Build Ljubljana Stadium?”

  1. I can’t believe that people still think that Slovenia needs a stadium of such a big proportion – for what? National league? Concerts of local bands?

  2. Well, it’s not that big. Only 16000 seats. But on one hand I agree – do we really need it? On the other hand, however, you can’t even begin to fathom a successful football team without a proper stadium.

  3. My city, Newcastle in England is slightly smaller than Ljubljana and has a 52,000 all seated stadium. Its football team is currently on a par with Slovenia success-wise (i.e. shit) and yet the stadium is full every week.

    The Ljublana stadium is an excellent idea. No progressive country should be without one.

    Off topic but any news on Michael M? God how I miss that blog

  4. @plav trg: Its football team is currently on a par with Slovenia success-wise (i.e. shit)

    I love the way you put that 😀

    Re: Michael M…. There is an occasional sighting on Radio Slovenia Int’l, but that’s it. At least I know he’s still alive. And I miss Carniola too…

  5. @Adriaan: Thanks! I’ve yet to listen to it… Just returned from the biddin for the stadium. Gradis and Merkus got the job and not SCT… Funny…

    @ARF: So, we can expect you as the star of the opening ceremony on July 30th 2010? 🙂

    @alcessa: I so hope you’re wrong…

  6. 16000 peeps? Pshaw, freakin’ Georgia Tech is a school with 14000 students and has a stadium that holds 46.000 people. It is used 7 times a year during football season.

  7. do we need it? off course we do…as pengovsky said, you cant have a proper team if you don’t have the playground to play on…and whats the big deal….it is a very small stadium and Slovenians – as usual – are off course skeptic…why, how much money will u loose on this project…hmm zero right?!

    I cant wait to take my two sons to the opening match…!!!!

  8. I’m not sure if it’s needed. I’d like to believe it is, but still, most Slovenes will watch a friendly between Slovenia and the Czech rep. in Hockey but not in football, Even though Slovenia has the same chances of winning in both sports…

  9. @alcessa: And Dire Straits (OK, at least Mark Knopfler :))

    @gandalf: Well, the adjacent sports hall will house a hockey ring as well, apparently 🙂

  10. Am 20.05. um 20.15 spielt das deutsche Eishockey-Nationalteam gegen die Schweiz. Wer wird gewinnen? Ich bin sicher, die Schweizer werden uns überraschen!

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