The Funny Side of Operation Clean Shovel


Ivan Zidar of SCT had no problem spending the night at one of Ljubljana’s police stations. He probably built it and felt like home.

This morning’s temperatures across Slovenia: Ljubljana, -2; Maribor, -5; Brnik Airport, -3; Celje, Nova Gorica, Murska Sobota, -4; SCT, Vegrad, Primorje, -1

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4 thoughts on “The Funny Side of Operation Clean Shovel”

  1. They may put the Deutsche Post boss in prison, too. For tax evasion. After Siemens and Volkswagen, and now the Post, one cannot help but be sure there is no climbing to the top without building up piles of shit on the way…
    Some of those have something like enhanced media potential: members of the VW-works council received pre-paid “Lust-travels” for years, for example.

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