Slovenia Ratifies the Lisbon Treaty

lisbon.jpg Hours ago Slovenian parliament has ratified the Treaty of Lisbon also known as the Reform Treaty. Slovenia is now the fourth second member state to have ratified the treaty which is very-nearly-but-not-quite alike the European Constitution which crashed and burned in France and The Netherlands. Let’s hope it ends better this time around.

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8 thoughts on “Slovenia Ratifies the Lisbon Treaty”

  1. Luka… it wasn’t as fast as planned. We were going for the golden medal. Who awards them is a different issue.

    Let’s see if we get the gold in the Kosovo story. At least it’s clear who will give out the awards in that particular contest.

  2. Morning y’all – there seems to be a bit of confusion as to whether we were the fourth member state to raitfy the treaty or perhaps the second…

  3. It seems I am the only one here who doesn’t care much whether we were first, second, fifth or last…

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