And Now For Something Completely Different…

No politics today. Decent folk like yourself need a bit of R&R here and there and pengovsky delivers! :mrgreen: If you’ve ever traveled to Croatia (the not-so-soon-to-be-member-of-EU) you must have noticed a peculiar cultural phenomenon called “a terrace band”. Such a band usually consists of one to three performers who seemingly know every song there is and if they don’t know it they’ll ask you to hum it and – voila! – they’re already doing The Beatles like John and Paul were their drinking buddies. The fact that every song will have precisely the same rhythm and will sound suspiciously similar to the previous song is of little importance, of course 😉 But now their secret is uncovered….

Yesterday = Jestedej

They write songs down phonetically, which sort of explains why they suck at foreing languages but can sing Yesterday flawlessly. Well, almost flawlessly… But for all of you native speakers out there – if you ever wondered how English sounds to people from the Balkans – take a look at the above picture. It just doesn’t get any better than this :mrgreen:

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26 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different…”

  1. This is classic! This is smoking gun material! Wish there were a crime for this!

    Btw, I’m Patrick who comments on Michael’s blog. Any news from that world?

  2. Ajm not rili šur, bat aj tink der is a tajping mistejk in d srd lajn. It šud bi “ou” end not “oh”.

  3. Oh, the memories this brings me. Put a smile on my face this morning. As a Canadian who lived in Serbia, I always used to get a good laugh at all the phonetically spelled “English” words.

  4. @pirano: Can’t wait for him to come to Slovenia 🙂

    @A.: Thanks for stopping by. I didn’t think this post would draw so many responces 🙂

  5. P, I seem to have a problem with your site for the past two days, which doesn’t show me the right lay out, but something really messed up. Is that because of construction works or is something messed up?

  6. Hey! Does it show as if the page doesn’t load fully? And – are you using Firefox?

    It happens from time to time. I’m hoping an upgrade will fix that

  7. It shows as if the page loads everything without the used fonts and the layout is in weird places, like everything’s from top to bottom. Like the CSS and the table & row structure is fucked up, or something. I am indeed using Firefox, latest build. And it did happen before, now you mention it. Solved itself after a few days…

  8. @ARF & Sunshine: Sorry about that – I know that there are some issues with FF and my CSS – I’ve been using this theme from the very begining of my blogging – and CSS was a mystery to me back then. It still is to an extent 🙂

    A WP upgrade and theme switch are imminent 🙂

  9. Lovely post. Please add my email address to your list and email me the updates if possible. I always like to read your blog and comment on it.

  10. @Sunshine: Did you check the link provided by “Acomplia”? Think “S”, then add a “P”, follow by an “A”, and finish it of with an “M” :mrgreeen:

    I am curious as to what happens next, so I’ll let this “comment” sit for a while…

  11. @Peng: Nope, I obviously didn’t check the link. 🙁 The comment seemed realistic enough, so I tried to help without further investigation first. :mrgreen: Lesson learned! 😳

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