A Zokism

This one was waiting to happen… Ljubljana mayor Zoran Janković has joined the ranks of politicians who on occasions wouldn’t even make it to the qualifying round of a spelling contest. While never short for words, Zoki tends to mumble a bit while speaking. But this time around it got the better of him and Janković joined the distinguished company of Janez Janša and George W. Bush, supplying us with the first-ever “zokism”…

Just to give you a bit of background on this video – the municipality finally went about fulfilling a long-standing commitment to build a home for elderly people in Trnovo. But then it transpired that the next-door neighbour has appropriated a piece of land belonging to the municipality and was now demanding money to give it back. At first the mayor and his people tried talking him out of his folly, but this person wouldn’t budge as he could apparently already demand the 60 k€ he demamnded for a speck of land. Or as the mayor put it:

The end result (apart from fumbling the word?). The city took this person to court, won, got the land and sued him back for a lot more than just 60.000 euros, trying to make an example of him.

So, can anyone guess which word was the mayor trying to pronounce? In Slovene and English, please 😈

P.S.: For all of those who are covering Slovenian EU presidency and are based in Ljubljana: Mayor’s office has opened a press centre on the ground floor of the town hall. Its use is free of charge and all you require to enter it is some sort of press ID. It sports phonelines, computers with internet access and a Wi-Fi hotspot if you want to use your own laptop.

EDIT: Hummmm….. It seems that the video about Janša’s stuttering is gone from Youtube…. Well, I never…. 😉

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  2. prisvojili? but that’s an easy word to say, so he must have been thinking of another one
    why did you write proscribed, that can’t be right, can it?

  3. @Aja: no, “proscribed” is a deliberate misspelling, just like in Zoki’s speech 🙂 And “prisvojili” is not a correct answer 😉

  4. pripost- pri-sos- priposlovali.(acquired through business – the word does not exist in Slovenian) Vzel za svoje.

    He meant: prilastili (appropriate, take possession of)

    BTW: Zoki at least makes a nice impression while correcting himself.

  5. @putin: Sorry, I don’t dream of electric sheep and ficticous serial killers. Big-breasted blonde bisexual women – yes, but Freddy Kruger???

    @alcessa: Close, but no cigar, I’m affraid. You got the gist of it, but the word he had in mind is somewhat different, as a result, so is the translation (at least according to Euroterm)

    But I agree about the impression he makes 🙂

  6. putin, consider yourself on notice. One more comment of this or similar nature and evertything you posted will get deleted, while your IP, nick and mail will be black-listed. I’m dead serious.

  7. priposestvovati = acquire by prescription
    You must admit the word is really hard to pronounce!
    About “Putin” and Putin – they are the past!

  8. @Davor: Congratulations! You and had get full marks for this one.

    Yeah, it’s kind of a difficult word, but for some reason I find it difficult to believe that winners of Slovene transition would have troubles with it if you catch my meaning 😉

  9. Still, the only question is: Who was the doctor that prescribed to someone the acquisition?

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