Eating With the Presidents

The Prez, Prince of Darkness and C3PO held a reception for journalists and editors yesterday. They more or less do it every year and the turnout is huge – you know, free eats and drinks… But there was an eerie moment when apparently all three of them knew who I was and where do I come from… 😕

There was the usual plethora of high profile cocksuckers as well as us, mortal journalists. Speeches are a must – this year, they were quite telling. And people still wonder why most journalists stopped giving breaks to this government long ago…

Video quality is problematic at best – it was shot from a distance with a mobile phone

The food was good, though 🙂

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  1. I’ve seen a few videos with Türk recently and I must say he is acting very “presidentially”, isn’t he.
    Above, he turns out to be, at least: a good father (existential problems of journalists), a well-read professor (Mark Twain) and also an independent thinker (petitions), though he will only go so far with his independency (not my task). Nice.

  2. Indeed… And you’re right on target with the professor thing – he finished his speech saying that he’s back in his professor mode and that soon he’ll be talking about exams 🙂

  3. I do, actually – except for JJ… Or rather – if he knows me from where I think he knows me, that was one ominous smile 😈

  4. Good. Nothing’s better for one’s credibility than an ominous smile from JJ. It’s almost like acquiring futures… 😈

  5. Ah well… as long as they feed me

    how can you be so naive
    think of little sweet pink piggies,
    what happens to them after excessive feeding … ey?

  6. What about a video where we can see how that “feeding” looks like? 😛 Something lke “3 men and a baby” 🙂

  7. hey there, feasting buddy 😀 siding with one option (in your case the current opposition) isn’t exactly journalistic, yes? (6) 😉

  8. @Aja: I eat the fat little piggies 🙂 But please, don’t take me so seriously… If I really thought that food alone is enough for politicians to keep me at bay, then this post wouldn’t exist…

    @pirano: More or less… The lecture was quite tame this year, though…

    @Iva: Me siding with the opposition? In this post? Where?

  9. well, not exactly in this post, but generally – correct me if i’m wrong! however, it’s quite blatant you don’t like the ruling “ablast” 😀

  10. I don’t like the option in power, but that does not automatically mean that I think opposition will make heaven on Earth.

    I have a problem with the current government for a plethora of reasons, most of which are plainly visible on this blog, which is not journalism but rather a continuous attempt at political analysis – with a nekkid twist 🙂

    As for my journalistic work – I think it speaks for itself.

    Furthermore, I don’t think that picking sides as a journalist is inherently wrong, because neutrality does not equal objectivity, but a journalists should always keep an open head and judge arguments for him/herself, and then present it to his public to the best of his abilities.

    But the trend in Slovenia is for high profile journalistic cocksuckers to become an echo chamber for whoever happens to be in power.

  11. True – objectivity is what we as journalists should aim for. But I would omit that “judge” word – when I write, I don’t place my thoughts in my text. However, I do agree with you on the cocksucking part. 😀 That’s something us women do, but not in the field of politics. 😀 😀 😀 😈
    Most of all, I like to bug you from time to time – you’re soooooooooo irresistable in that turf! 😀

  12. Pengovsky: May one inquire what is the difference between them (“high profile cocksuckers”) and you and your merry band of “mortal journalists”?

  13. Yes, one may:

    1.) there is only so much political cock to suck and it is all taken up by the aptly named category (including but not limited to the linked trio)

    2.) Us, mere mortals, try to do our work profesionally and not with some ulterior motive in mind (like getting our spouses ambassador jobs – case in point being Vlado Vodušek)

    3.) We’re considerably more fun to hang around with.

  14. The differences between the speeches are in between the lines. I remembered to look at the Türk blog to see his activities. The connection does not work at the time so I was wandering how his official site does look, but gave me as his site only the site.
    I tried to find out at governmental sites the real link, but the link is to the same site. Our president has no official web site?!
    And to see who is the cook No.1 in the country take a look at the governmental pages and check under “Državne ustanove”. They are listed far from protocolar rules, to see the right order check the Državni zbor site. Yes, and small things say far more than …

  15. 1.) there is only so much political cock to suck and it is all taken up by the aptly named category (including but not limited to the linked trio)
    Is Miro Petek also a high profile cocksucker? Geric? Mozina? Lipuscek? Vidmar? Miheljak? Repovz?

    Perhaps you would care to explain here to the world audience by what criterias do you judge who is a cocksucker or not. Otherwise some might think that you are just plain jealous at them. 🙂

    BTW: Vodusek’s wife… Wasn’t she working in the embassy in Switzerland in 1990s… I remember meeting there one Natasha Vodusek, don’t know if she’s his wife. If it is she appears to be a career diplomat who was in service before the arrival to the new post in Sarajevo, which I think you will all tend to agree is not exactly the most wanted and prestige place in the Slovene diplomacy, so Vlado did a poor lobbying job.

    Drnovsek’s sister got Australia and Mrs. Tovornik (who to my digust did not even speak French) received the ambasadorship in Paris under the rule of LDS governments.

    But surely these are again mere plain coincidences. Jansa’s devious scheme, eh?

    2.) Us, mere mortals, try to do our work profesionally and not with some ulterior motive in mind (like getting our spouses ambassador jobs – case in point being Vlado Vodušek)

    Mortals yes, but with well-paid salaries and benefits as revealed by one Slovene newspaper a couple of months ago about the highest paid journalists at the DELO.

    Remarkably (but not suprisingly) the list included the present chairman of the Slovene Journalist Association Mr. Repovz who – let’s not forget this – is a college drop-out. I wonder how is it possible that somebody as he, without any proper education, could get a job at the main Slovene newspaper.

    I know that his daddy (Mr. Lucu) and mommy (Mrs. Repovz) have worked or are still working for the DELO, but surely he didn’t get the job thanks to his connections. No, no… He’s too honest. For that salary he was getting at the DELO he must have been.

    Or perhaps another monstrum of the Slovenian journalism Mr. Stojanov, yes the one Veselin Stojanov who is No.7 on the (in)famous petition list. Opressed become an opressor over the course of a few weeks. It seems they have found the price of his soul as well. Surely a former graduate of the FDV about Bahurin’s Theory of Marxism is more than qualified to step in the shoes of journalism.

    Are these the mortal professionals and their works we are talking about here? 🙂

    3.) We’re considerably more fun to hang around with.
    Oh, my God. I stupid in all of my naivity actually thought that the reasons would be something more argumentable. I did not know that the new age job descriptions for journalists include coffee drinking and personal charm.

    I know however that it includes flexibility. If not my two former schoolmates would have never become journalists for they could not even spell hockey back in school. But they proved worthy of their name and profession by being notorious for one of the best ass-kissers to the professors. 🙂

  16. Is Miro Petek also a high profile cocksucker? Geric? Mozina? Lipuscek? Vidmar? Miheljak? Repovz?

    We can play this game forever. Vlado Miheljak is not a journalist. Neither is Miro Petek. Vidmar – who? Igor Vidmar? He’s not a journalist either. But I guess it’s safe to assume that in your opinion every single person who signed the “571 petition” is a cocksucker in your book.

    I mentioned three journalists of whom at least two can and do exert strong influence with their work. It should be clear even to you from the names I linked to that I don’t think cocksucking is exclusive to one political persuasion.

    As far as criteria for cocksucking are concerned, these should be pretty obvious even to you. But I guess becoming a willing echo-chamber for a particular source of power is an apt definition. And this goes for any journalist and any source of power (political or otherwise). You can draw your own conclusions from now on.

    Are these the mortal professionals and their works we are talking about here?

    You went to great pains to throw a lot of mud on Grega Repovž. I don’t know if he has or has not a college education. But I’m sure that if he had it you’d have proclaimed him Communist FDV’s best pupil or something…

    Actually, I was talking about journalists whom I see daily in my line of work. I can say that all of them (coming from numerous Slovene media) are dedicated, impartial and – above all – confident enough to decide for themselves what to report and what to omit.

    I did not know that the new age job descriptions for journalists include coffee drinking and personal charm.

    Well, you live and you learn… You see, while you seem to get most of your information from one source only (or at the very most several sources fed by the same über-source), we – those who are fun to be with – like to get our information by employing both formal and informal means – and usually talking to several very different sources.

    You see, being a journalist is really not a job. It’s a way of life. It means long hours and lots of adrenaline, and no amount of education will help you if you don’t have the journalistic mojo. Some people are born for it, some are not. It is simple as that.

    As for your shoolmates – sorry dude, you’ll have to sort that one out for yourself. A piece of advice: if all else fails – start blogging.

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  18. to lighten up a bit this serious gloomy debate between Mr. P. and Mr. K, let’s make a break with a light quiz
    who is Karel?
    Ladies and gentlemen, come on, let’s hear your ideas, stir your brains and send us your suggestion.

    Is it … Jože Dežman?
    no, he doesn’t sound crazy enough.
    … Milan Zver? no, I don’t think there’s enough hate in him for such writing
    Janez Markeš? … no, he must be too busy
    Bernard Nežmah? there would be at least one Zeus in it, since there’s not … (how come you didn’t include him among high profile cocksuckers?)

    Branko Grims? no, Mr. K sounds like he’s a bit older
    Danilo Slivnik? I’d vote for him if I had to chose someone, but I’m sure his english is better then the one Mr. K. is showing us.

    Well, Mr. Karel, does all this attention flatter you?
    You can repay us by revealing your identity
    We are really interested to know more about you, so, please, can you give a face to all these shrewd ideas

  19. Aja, actually, I think it would be wrong to ask od Karel to identify himself… He may or may not choose to do so, but that is entirely up to him. I’ve no wish to coerce people into identifying themselves.

    As far as I’m concerned, Karel is Karel and that’s more than enough for me.

    Regarding Bernard Nežmah, however, he is the last person in the world I’d call a cocksucker. Regardless of his irking style and positions I’m not always comfortable with, he has throughout his career remained true to his journalistic creed and critical of everything and everyone that in his view fell outside morality.

    No, Bernard Nežmah is in my opinion to be respected precisely because he continues on his path and usually presents strong argumens. The fact that he is more or less right wing basically makes him an endangered species, because as we can see in the case of mr. Karel, bias can be blinding.

  20. Did Nežmah ever say anything critical about Janša & co. ?
    And his constant violent attacks on Jankovič? It’s enough for Nežmah that Jankovič sneezes in a public place, to bombard him.
    On the surface he seems honest and principled, but if you just look the subject matter of his pamphlets (and even more at what he’s omitting) and the way he’s writing, he sounds like a child somebody took his toy away, and now he’s pointing his fingers at them crying and saying, mummy he’s the one who did it punish him punish him.

    But maybe you’re right, coz this are just my impressions, I rarely read his stuff till the end, I usually have enough of his hypocrisy (or so it sounds to me) way before the article is over.

  21. 🙂

    If you neglect that he has a rather irksome style of writing, you realize that more often than not he has a point.

    Of course he is opinionated. He has every right to be (again, neutrality does not equal objectivity). Furhermore, a pamphlet (a journalistic style) is meant to be provocative and controvetial.

    So on a larger scale of things he is doing his job right. The fact that some of us don’t always agree with him (or don’t agree with him at all) makes him all the more interesting to read.

    Because if his articles were totaly inconsequential they would not get published (despite the fact that he owns a share in Mladina magazine)

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