Barbara Türk, wife of the newly sworn-in president Danilo Türk said in a recent interview that she looks up to the wife of the current US president, Barbara Bush. Whoops! Barbs, Dubya’s woman is called Laura, wheras Barbara is her mother-in-law.

Danilo & Barbara Türk voting in the second round of presidential elections

Barbs, the Slovene first lady, further went to say that she likes Barbarba (well, Laura) Bush for the strength of her character and the fact that she cured Dubya of alcocholism. Double whoops! I so wouldn’t like to see the scene in a couple of months, when George and Laura will come back to Slovenia, Barbs and Laura meeting for the first time, and while they would be having tea in the presidential library (do we even have one?), Barbs – with a sombre and compassionate voice – asks Laura “So, was it difficult, then? The alcochol thing, I mean…

Truth be told, Slovene first ladies (both of them) are known for a public gaffe or two. But with Slovenia presiding over the EU, Barbs should brought up to speed posthaste…

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16 thoughts on “Whoops!”

  1. @Aja: Well, if anyone cured anybody, it’s Laura curing George W. Whether or not he’s really cured is a matter of some debate, though 😉

  2. @pengovsky: private occasion. He’s a bit of a stiff fish, though… But should do the job properly.

  3. stiff fish … lol
    if you watch his body language, his hands are eye catching, they’re always in front of him, prepared, like he’s making a border – you can come just this far and not a step further.
    I don’t think he was elected because people liked him so much, it was more they voted against Peterle, who’s a looser of the century, it takes a genius to loose elections you’ve practically already won,
    it would be enough if he only smiled in front of the cameras, shake as many hands as he could, and he’d be president today,
    luckily he’s not, but I sill can’t believe he’s been so stupid.

  4. @Bondwoman: I imagines as much 🙂 Regarding the Prez being a stiff fish – perhaps. But he is becoming more and more relaxed… He hasn’t the outgoing persona of Zoran Janković, but then again – one expect the president to be restrained, right?

    Even his body language is very presidential – except his hands. He keeps them folded, the way they taught him before the campaign. But it’s doesn’t look good on him.

    @Aja: Peterle made a series of blunders, most of which were not under his control. Peterle lost because of Janša. Voting for Türk was very much an anti-Janša vote. In the face of rising inflation, pressures on the media and general air of mistrust, Peterle could have shaken every hand in this country twice and still lose. Noone expected it, to be sure, but in hindsight it seems paintfully obvious.

  5. well, I’m not so much into politics,
    I just thought Peterle lost coz he was trying to win over as many ppl as possible, by dropping some of the conservative beliefs, all of a sudden he was presenting himself as a modern liberal politician, so my oppinion was by doing this he lost his original supporters,
    I know there were also some other reasons, but that’s what I meant when I said that he’s been stupid

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