I always suspected that Hitlerjugend had a not-so-hidden homosexual conotation, but to see it in Technicolor is a whole new experience. A true mix of sex and politics provided by Jörg Haider himself 😆 (pictures published by Der Standard)

Ausländer raus, Homosexuelle herein! :mrgreen:

Getting fucked by Haider takes on a whole new meaning 😈

I’m sure he’s saying something like: “I want to invade you like Poland!” 😀

Traffic Warden

Often being dubbed as the town’s sheriff, Ljubljana mayor Zoran Janković can regurarely be seen chasing away double parked vehicles in downtown Ljubljana. I saw that for the first time some six months ago as he took the “press core” on an impromptu tour of nearby development sites. He put on his trademark “this-is-my-turf” look and just tapped on a glass of a taxi parked on a zebra crossing. The taxi driver looked up, and as he saw the mayor peering down on him, he bugged out without saying a word.

A part of this routine can be seen on this video, taken almost two weeks ago. Zoki made his speech, called the traffic wardens and the van was no more.

I’m just not sure if it’s becoming for a mayor to direct traffic…. :mrgreen: