Traffic Warden

Often being dubbed as the town’s sheriff, Ljubljana mayor Zoran Janković can regurarely be seen chasing away double parked vehicles in downtown Ljubljana. I saw that for the first time some six months ago as he took the “press core” on an impromptu tour of nearby development sites. He put on his trademark “this-is-my-turf” look and just tapped on a glass of a taxi parked on a zebra crossing. The taxi driver looked up, and as he saw the mayor peering down on him, he bugged out without saying a word.

A part of this routine can be seen on this video, taken almost two weeks ago. Zoki made his speech, called the traffic wardens and the van was no more.

I’m just not sure if it’s becoming for a mayor to direct traffic…. :mrgreen:

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14 thoughts on “Traffic Warden”

  1. I think it’s kindda cool too, but seriously… Can you picture Ken Livingstone (mayor of London) to be chasing away double-parked vans on Picadilly Circus?

  2. Hmmm, yes… :mrgreen:

    But it’s a different story if he intentionally wonders around chasing double-parked vehicles or if he’s doing it btw, while walking around doing other things.

    I know it might sound as a cliche, but it’s nice to see that he uses his power also for the small things and not just for the arguing with JJ, constructing stadiums and giving permissions for building new appartments.

    P.S. Does sth “sound cliche” or “sounds like a cliche”? 😳

  3. Sunshine, I’m sure his “sheriff” stance, as Pengovsky nicely puts it, is kinda “turn on”, but let’s not fool ourselves, Zoki actually does NOT have the power to drive away a double-parked taxi. It’s fine if the latter runs off immediately upon noticing the terrifying face of our beloved mayor, but in case he decides not to … well, Zoki cannot drag him out of the car, bang his forehead on the hood and cuff him up. All he can do is call the police or traffic wardans, exactly like you or me or any other “normal” citizen.

  4. Zoki cannot drag him out of the car, bang his forehead on the hood and cuff him up.
    What a pitty. I’d love to see a video of him doing right this. It might be fun… :mrgreen:

  5. @Luka: Point. But you did you see the telephone in his hands? That was head of traffic wardens Zoki was calling 🙂

    But like Dietmar, I would like to see Zoki bitch-slap a parking offender 😆

  6. Besides that, traffic is a mayor problem for most capitals all over Europe.. 😉

    But it seems like that guy really cares that everything in his town is ok. Seems somehow cool that he even takes care of such little things.

  7. Something about him says “old-school”, but in a positive way 🙂

    Pengovsky, what I have been dying to ask you: did you get to see Umberto Eco in Ljubljana?

  8. Well, one thing that I can say about him is that he’s dealing with trees, yet he doesn’t lose view of the forest.

    @alcessa: I didn’t 🙁 I didn’t even know he was in LJ until I saw it on RTVSLO website. Damn.

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