Already Married?

A little birdie told me that Prime Minister Janez Janša and the Captain of his heart Urška Bačovnik might already be married. Obviously, this is pure hearsay of the best kind (a friend of a friend of a co-worked of someone’s second aunt’s cousin), so please, take it cum grano salis. But as the story goes, the happy couple is said to have had a civilian wedding some two weeks ago, with the religious service to be held some time in spring of next year.

Already married? JJ and Urška in an interview for Radio Ognjišče (foto: Izidor Šček, source)

Personally, I don’t think there’s much to it, as JJ has little to gain both in terms of politics as well as PR by marrying Urška in secrecy, but then again, there is an off chance that he’s just waaay crazy about her.

P.S.: Thanks for all good wishes yesterday. Special thanks go to Disablez, Mišo and Uroš for helping with my computer headache. After pulling an all-nighter I it turned out to be a bad PHP install. Go figure.

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9 thoughts on “Already Married?”

  1. That we call “ir de sport” (be dressed informally)… wearing terminator leather jackets with pink jumpsuit-like upper part and formal trousers. World will never recover from it… as it didn’t from the “sandals with socks” fashion either.

  2. Looks almost like the perfect dress to stay unreckognised (with that hat deep in the face) and sneak out of the country using some mountain path either to Italy or Austria 😈

  3. Whatever any of us think about his political abilities, I think this couple deserves a nicer picture,
    there were quite some arround were they both look elegant, dashing and so much in love, that tey-re really nice to look at

  4. I don’t care about him, but as far as “Baco” is concerned, I don’t think she looks bad in this pic. But that’s just me going fot the sporty look 🙂

  5. He may have more to gain from the rumour itself than from actually doing the… deed.

    Way to go, Disablez, Mišo and Uroš! Friends are one’s best asset 😉

  6. JJ’s jacket is indeed fabulous.

    I also thought that we should give them some credit for appearing nicely in love in public, until I saw Urska signing the editorial comment in Peterle’s elections leaflet. That I think was a bit of political pragmatism. I’m glad it actually didn’t work:)

    Judging from this experience I bet they will get married late August, early September in time for nice pictures just before the elections. JJ has always been a strategist.

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