And So Here I Am, At The Tender Age of…

…twenty-nine, celebrating my birthday trying to figure out why the fuck my LAN network can’t see the server on my public IP. It used to work fine, but then came Vista… arrrrghhhh


Ah well…. I’ll crack it eventually….

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16 thoughts on “And So Here I Am, At The Tender Age of…”

  1. Hmmm …

    … birthday … fuck … network … server … Vista?

    Wait till you’re 30! 😈

    And I wish you a happy B, if possible!

  2. Probably I’ll end up as spam again, and it will take you time to notice me, but anyway, I wish you all the best for your birthday from afar and hope to have a drink with you soon!

  3. Happy birthday…
    If you don’t crack it up, happy to help. Though I’d suggest you to get rid of that sorry excuse for an OS 😛

  4. happy birthday! i can’t believe you’ve done this much before 30. geez, i really need to work harder…

    i agree with disablez. i am trying to break my windows addiction. the first step i’ve taken is not increasing my dose (aka not getting vista). good luck fixing that problem. i have my fingers crossed for a birthday miracle!

  5. 29 is nothing… the number 30 is much “harder” to accept 🙂 Don’t forget to feed the spontaneous child inside of you.

  6. Elvis voice: Thank you, thank you very much, y’all… 😉

    Re: windows: Ah, if it were only me… Unfortunaterly there was plenty more to consider than just networking when choosing the platform….

    @Disablez: you’ve got mail 😉

  7. @Mr. P: Congratulations on the Happiest of Birthdays (computer problems notwithstanding). You’ll have to go some to catch some of us up, though! If we get a chance to meet at New Year, I may just have a little present for you….

  8. Happy Birthday! I suggest smashing your head repeatedly against the keyboard. That’s how us old-timers solve computer problems!

  9. Vse Najboljše, you youngster! 😉 And many more! (not talking about the network troubles, of course; I’m talking Kasteelbier :mrgreen:)

  10. Happy birthday! Yep, somehow birthdays get more stupid the more often you had them. Those were the days when I was as old as you are… (which was about two months ago) :mrgreen:

    If you have problems setting up windows piz… vista, there’s a good manual to do it quickly and almost without problems 😈

  11. Happy belated b’day! I’m sure it was a massive bash, and if not, that there’s gonna be one… and here’s wishing you a lot of ‘Hell yeah!’ moments in the ensuing years!

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