Mayor of the City of Ljubljana Zoran Janković apparently realised that he is fighting an uphill battle with the government, so he decided to adopt sabotage and guerilla tacticts.

Zoran Janković during Tuesday’s press conference

According to stories in today’s edition of Delo and Dnevnik dailies, the city administration refused to extend the lease agreement with Slovene Democratic Party, which for the past 15 years rented office spaces on street Komenskega ulica. The party was apparently offered (but refused) three other locations, while their present one is to become HQ of Lekarna Ljubljana (city owned drugstore company), which in turn is being evicted from their present location as that particular building was de-nationalised and returned to Ljubljana Archdiocese.

SDS, at the moment the largest Slovene party now has until October 27th to move to a new location. It shouldn’t be a problem, but it sure is a hassle in an election year. And while city administration claims (and SDS agrees :-o) that this has nothing to do with the row between city and the government, noone actually believes that. 😉

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