Five years old

They say that everything important in a person’s life happens in the first five years. I wonder if that goes for projects and companies as well. In any case: The Firm ™ celebrates its fifth anniversary today.


Unlike last year, I’ll spare you lessons and morals of the story 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Five years old”

  1. Oh, great, congratulations!

    So your radio must be out of the measles age now … (IF: age of radios similar to age of dogs: one radio year = x human years)

  2. Happy anniversary! What a pitty that I’m stuck at the faculty and cannot join the party with all the booze and the foxies 😉

    Hey, nice HDDs! I guess they’re older than five years, right?

  3. Happy anniversary to the Firm. I just hope this won’t turn out to be the sort of drunken debauchery-laden party where you’ll slice up Watermelon Man’s head for a party snack… :mrgreen:

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