Sick As a Dog


Ah well… I guess I had to succumb eventually. If anyone’s got a spare throat to lend, I’m more than a willing customer. I just hate it when I’m this sick – not really totally sick, but way too sick to do anything but lay around and feed myself with vitamin C, Coldrex, Aspirin and Angal S.

Thankfully, I’m being reared through this one 🙂

In the meantime, however, it seems that the old feed-the-cold-starve-the-fever approach actually works. Also included are some other interesting health-related articles, including one on preventing hangovers.

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17 thoughts on “Sick As a Dog”

  1. Sounds awful. Get well soon – it’s Friday tomorrow and we can go without our usual Friday “serving”.

    Alcohol and honey would be my remedies!

    Any idea where you caught the bug?

  2. Oh, I’m sorry to read this… Do take some rest, my guess is the world will go on spinning… The only reason I find cold bearable is I can stay in bed (with the significant other who passed the virus, preferably 😈 )

  3. Oh Pengovsky, that is some unpleasant news. You’ve been overheating yourself again, right? C’mon, do take care of yourself buddy, so that I won’t have to read about how you had to suck comb dammit! 🙂 I can hardly imagine any pleasure in that!

    Otherwise, let me remind you of an older post, where we already went through the lesson of spelling the word “succumb”. 🙂

  4. @Adriaan & alcessa: alcessa’s comment hold the key to the mystery 🙂

    @ARF: Thanks! A bit of good old beef stew should do the trickv 🙂

    @Luka: dully corrected 🙂 No more sucking comb on my part…

  5. That makes you a human and the “good” thing about it is that you have to rest. You know.. you have to rest too 🙂

  6. @Mr. P: Tsk, tsk, tsk, was one of the Friday Foxies rabid? 😈 BTW, I’d love to help out, but my spare throat is still at the repair shop. Final tuning in progress :mrgreen:

    @Adriaan: Right, but disguised in tea. I.e. tea with loads of honey, lemon and… possibly rum? 😉 Oh and I don’t think Mr. P will let you guys go through a foxiless Friday on account of a

    @alcessa: That’s exactly how I feel about it 😈

  7. Unfortunately, I couldn’t act out my romantic version last time: I was ill for a whole month and had to see my GP in the end and get some serious medicine. Against a cold – I had never done that before. Somehow stupid and not romantic at all, if you are coughing your non-smokers lung out 🙂

  8. @alcessa: I can relate, non-smokers’ lungs and all… mine went on for the last 10 days or so, but I think/hope it’s nearing its end. One freelancer to another (?) I suspect you weren’t exactly resting that month you were ill…

    @crni: Goodness gracious me! 😉 Bless your heart… 😀

  9. Dr. filomena: no, I never do. But what does it matter when it’s at home? 🙂 (I could have easily won a “World’s Most Eager Tea Consumer of the Year Award” or something…)

    On the other hand: I don’t seem to remember coughing so badly while I was still smoking. Go figure.

    I do hope you’ll both get well as soon as possible. And most of all: let us all have some cold-free months, we did deserve them.

  10. Oh, come one, just because I busted his chops once or twice doesn’t mean I don’t like the guy or wish him harm… 😛

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