Satuday Night Fever at Cutty Sark Pub

In case you’ve ever wondered why I (still) DJ, or what’s so special about Cutty Sark Pub that I only do it there, perhaps you’ll understand after wathching today’s video…

…it just feels right…

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12 thoughts on “Satuday Night Fever at Cutty Sark Pub”

  1. so okay, seriously, where’s the beef?!?! 😀 i aint see no butt-naked brits making an ass of themselves on the counter!

    by the way, i haven’t seen you commenting on your beloved president’s abrupt turnabout in the stance on sunday regarding the treatment of cancer …

  2. Can’t you hear them? 😀

    Re: Drnovšek – I haven’t commented on his previously declared faith in alternative medicine either. Politically, however, his changed position bears little or no significance, as Drnovšek will be out of office in 14 days.

    But let me give you a hint… Ask a oncologist about dynamics of cancer and related ilnesses…

  3. nah, seeing is believing, my friend! 😉
    ah, i was hoping for some saucy comments of yours! 🙂 and trust me, i do know a little about cancer. and the dynamics. and the inevitable end.

  4. @Iva: Ditto… Which means that we’re on the same wavelenght and that there is little to be said.

    @alcessa: He was. I am too, actually.

  5. Hmm…lot of “old” music there..think everything was at least 10 years old except for maybe the Robbie Williams track (not a fan, so not sure how old it was). Funny to see the one-hit wonder “Blur” appear. 🙂

  6. I rock… And roll 🙂

    As for Drnovšek: Days ago, he gave a speech at the grand opening of the new oncology (cancer) clinic, and he said that only classic medicine can be trusted to heal a person and that all the alternative medicine men are charlatans. Or something to that effect.

    It is quite a turn in his statements, but I think the reason for it is quite clear and very sad.

  7. As far as I know, classic medicine doesn’t cure you either. The heavy load of pills and stuff with which they try to cure you is no fun. All you can do in such a case is have a good (remaining) time and hope it won’t be painful 🙁

    Overall it would match with not running a second time for president and didn’t you say something about him founding something like a party and then dropping out short after?

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