Jonathan Livingston Seagull

The good dr. filomena has recently provided me with proof of what I claim for the past year: that there is a flock of seagulls somewhere around Ljubljana. I’ve seen them above Tivoli park on a couple of occasions, but here we have incontrovertible proof, shot on Lake Zbilje. Note the Alps in the background in the beginning of the video.


…and two

Photos and video by dr. filomena

Two things come to mind: Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull (read the novel text in full) and global warming. Seagulls are not suppose to be here, no?

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19 thoughts on “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”

  1. Tebe pa tile galebi res precej obsedajo. To je samo dokaz, da je Ljubljana mediteransko mesto. Jaz samo upam, da bodo poleg galebov tudi zenske zacele hodit v bikiniju naokrog.

  2. No, jaz se tukaj nimam kaj za pritozevat, cetudi se bliza zima. Drugace pa bodo verjetno prej pingvini v Ljubljani kot ono drugo. C’est la vie.

  3. Actually, I was reffering to someone else’s car you were driving some weeks ago. I call it your batmobile, because your car cannot be, in all honesty, called that 🙂

  4. That’s a grave insult to me and to all honest workers in Novo mesto. But still, you know about the batmobile troubles?

  5. It’s quite common. They are where the food is. In winter they often come to Ljubljana’s refuse dump to feed themselves. So… for this big bird – what is a hundred km?! We go for a coffee across the street, it flies from Mediteranean see to the capital 😀
    Ah, birds…

  6. Damn! And I thought I was on to something 😀

    But of course – I should have asked you first… I forgot for a moment that you are the resident aviary expert 😉

  7. Mars thanks for enlightning us. Although we’ve already developed a theory of the seagulls being ex pigeons influenced by the Krško reactors 😉
    Why go for a simple explanation when a more plausible conspiracy theory is at hand? 😀

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