Blame It On Slovenes

The missing Kupska St. in Zagreb, Croatia. (source)

According to numerous reports (including this one), a street in Zagreb, Croatia, has been literally swallowed by the Earth and took several houses along with it. The fact that the street was a construction site of a huge office building might have contributed to the fact that the terrain caved in, created a giant crater which was then filled with hectolitres of water, but hey ❗ why blame idiotic construction companies, when you’ve got weather and – Slovenes.

At least according to Zagreb’s vicemayor Zvonimir Šostar, who – according to reports by – said that the street caved in because of Tuesday’s freak storms in Slovenia.

What. The. Fuck???

And they wonder why we don’t like them…

P.S.: Ah well – they’ve got tornadoes in Britain now… The world is going bananas.

P.P.S.: If you look carefully at the link above, you’ll notice that the Reuters’ story places Croatia in… Africa…. Well, construction seems to be on a par, for sure :mrgreen:

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12 thoughts on “Blame It On Slovenes”

  1. Plus, we can now understand why real estate prices in Croatia, let alone Slovenia, are sky high. With the 2.500 Euro/m2 the construction company earns nothing considering they have to build some houses for free in the process. The ones they previously tear down :mrgreen:

  2. Pengovsky, when I read your post and then your comment, I’m not sure whether you want to say “on a whole” or “in a hole”… 😉

  3. I am LOL but with a bitter aftertaste.
    Time for me to move south, find me some Monday Meat N.45 and live happily everafter.

  4. Venera: The comparison you mention is so very relative. There is Vienna and then there is Vienna. And there is Gorica and then there is Gorica. A flat with a view of Ljubljanica has a slightly different price than a flat in Fužine, for example. People love comparing apples to oranges 😉
    (I sell real estate…)

    As for the Tito sign – I don’t think the Americans care half as much as the Italians. In fact, they might market it successfully 😀

  5. From your experience, how much are the prices for real estate in Fužine lower than for example Šiška or Bežigrad? I remember the times (7-8 years ago) when the price for a square meter in Fužine was at least 1/3 lower than for the rest of Ljubljana.

    I love living here (in Fužine) and I’m soooooo sorry that 7-8 years ago I was too young to grab the opportunity. 🙁 😥

  6. dr.filomena: I am not sure whether I should be happy that the value of our house in Gorica (with the best view of Naš Tito and Sabotin :)) will increase as soon as the Americans start marketing the same “Naš Tito” successfully. Here is a small list of my wishes:
    1) the Naš Tito sign should remain there and grass should slowly grow over it
    2) the Americans should drop their plans to build a new Las Vegas in Slovenia
    3) prices of flats in Gorica should remain such that people with Slovene wages could afford them

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