You Have The Right To Remain Silent

Frank Vanhecke, the star of several posts on this blog was arrested in downtown Brussels yesterday.


According to this story by the Beebs, Mr. Vanhecke was arrested as he attended an anti-Muslim rally which his Vlaams Belang organised and which the Mayor of Brussels Freddy Thielemans banned.

To put in the words of the infamous “Knindža” (with whom Vanhecke would undoubtetly get along very well): Everything’s got its limits. Even human rights.

P.S.: Knindža: A Serbian ninja rebel from the Croatian town of Knin

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10 thoughts on “You Have The Right To Remain Silent”

  1. Don’t worry… Only 200 people attended… There were more people queuing for subway tickets, I presume.

    But in any case I think that Vanhecke is a half-baked prick for doing shit like that. No wonder noone sane supports Flanders’ independence if its main advocate is a racist asshole.

  2. I saw that rally on my way to lunch at the Berlaymont, how cool am I? Looked more like 50 people than 200 though. But the police were everywhere and the Commission was in a state of high security, with the doors to the buildings locked and stuff.

  3. @Poulette: You’re so cool you’re ice-cold, baby! 😈 Fifty, you say? Just about the number of people who protested against the planned construction of a parking lot below Ljubljana’s central market.

    And those security guys at the Commission need a regular workout, as not to rust 😉

    @dr. filomena: Hmm… I can only presume that Filip Dewinter, party co-leader promised to blow Frank after the rally, so Vanhecke went for it 😈 But now, in jail, they can both rammed from behind by a big hairy Waloninan dude wearing a wife-beater and smelling of garlick.

  4. Both Vanhecke and De Winter were released that same evening, and sued the police. It was a counterlawsuit, because the cops themselves sued the two for assaulting a police officer. The rally wasn’t anti muslim per say, but one against the ‘islamisation’ of Europe. The rally wasn’t yesterday, but on 9/11, no doubt chosen for the symbolism that day obviously represents. It was funny, though, to see Vanhecke talk to the media, giving an interview to VRT and then directly going from that interview into a brawl with the cops. Of course, this was also a regional issue, as the mayor of Brussel is a francophone socialist and the cops at the Berlaymont Square were Walloons. So much for the VB aiming to split the country peacefully as was suggested here in a ‘reaction’ to my last post about Belgium…

  5. Meh, crazy Euros. In the good ol’ US of A a Jewish lawyer was defending the constitutional right of the neo-nazis to protest.

  6. @ARF: Of course, it was on 9/11… The post was written on Thursday and it was still “yesterday” then 😉

    Re: Islamisation of Europe: As if… It’s like Nazi-Slovenes who say that they’ve nothing against Gypsies, they just don’t want them anywhere near.

    @crni: The land of the free and the brave, eh? 😀

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