Franjo Tuđman of Flanders

or Belgium explained to Croats in one slightly biased lesson

As you might have noticed, dr. Arf has stopped posting his Belgium Explained To Slovenes (And Whoever Else) In Ten Easy Lessons. I will not elaborate further on the reasons, but I’m sure you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out for yourselves.

But as if to prove dr. Arf’s point, Croatian magazine Globus ran an article about Flanders’ drive for independence. Well, to be precise, it ran an article about leader of Vlaam BerlangVlaams Belang, Frank Vanhecke, who is compared to the deceased Croatian president Franjo Tuđman.


And if the comparison is correct, then people should start worrying. Yes, Franjo Tuđman led Croatia to independence, but he also conspired with
Slobodan Milošević to carve up Bosnia-Herzegovina and would have been indicted for war crimes had he not had the good sense to die only months before. So I think Mr. Vanhecke should choose a better role-model. Oh, but I forget… He is good chums with Jörg Haider. And in my part of the world that does not look good on one’s resume.

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2 thoughts on “Franjo Tuđman of Flanders”

  1. Just to save you the linguistic bickering you’ll no doubt receive from that corner : the name of the party is Vlaams Belang.

    Now wait for the insults and so-called well meaning criticism to come streaming in…

  2. Hm… Nothing so far… They must all be on their way back from holidays in Croatia 😀

    But thanks for the heads-up on spelling! Apparently Globus got it wrong

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