The “V” Word

Dubya compared leaving Iraq to leaving Vietnam. (see video by Beebs). I mean: Could. You. Be. Any. More. Stupid..

But hey… I’m game… If he wants to shoot himself in the knee repeatedly, then I’ll watch gladly… It’s just so fucking sad to see the world being ran by people who have absolutely no sense of history.

The above commentary is a must. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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6 thoughts on “The “V” Word”

  1. There’s a saying in Slovenija “iz dežja pod kap”, probably best translated as “going from bad to worse” 🙂

    But hey, at least there’s an election frenzy here 🙂

  2. All other USA politicians seem terribly proud of that war (“I served in Vietnam, don’t you talk to me about patriotism!”) so his strategy isn’t as dumb as it looks.

    I really think we, in The Rest of The World, should be allowed to vote in American elections. I think they will affect me more than an avarage Joe in Nebraska 🙂

  3. Except that W. served in the National Guard and skedaddled out of there as soon as he could 🙂

    Re: allowing the rest of the world to vote… That’s a bit extreme, ain’t it? I’d hate to be responcible for any idiot in the white house 😉

  4. I’m with Dubya on this.
    We should never have gotten out of Vietnam.
    Nor Cambodia, nor the Phillipines, nor Saudi Arabia, nor Kuwait, nor Canada, nor, well, let’s just complete the nor’s, France, Germany, England, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Austria, northern Africa, Burma, Thailand. Hell, throw in China. Things would be so simpler if we had simply stayed. Think of the free market possibilities! Think of the Universality of One Nation Under One Coke. Talk about liking to teach the world to sing one song
    Well, maybe we should have left California since its inevitable slip into the Pacific is coming any day.

    The Big Plus? Our president wouldn’t have to heat/hurt his head up trying to figure out which country was which; they’d all be part of the United States of Amalgamation.

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