Caffeine Shock


A girl in the UK drank seven double espressos and her nerves went haywire.

It happened to me once (I’ve had thirteen espressos that day), so I know exactly how she felt. Chest pains, anxiety, shortness of breath, terrible urge to urinate, restlessness, panic attacks, claustrophobia and jerky movements of the body. Lovely. But she’ll be OK.

So… How much coffee do you drink?

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13 thoughts on “Caffeine Shock”

  1. None…can’t stand the taste…absolutely horrid!!! Don’t know how all you crazy’s 🙂 can drink the stuff.

  2. Too much today. Or hey, is it tomorrow yet? :mrgreen:
    Quit for a month recently, but right now I neeeeed it 🙂 Personal record would be sth like 5 in one day, though, and can’t begin to imagine 13 espressos… or 7 double ones.

  3. I recently started drinking some fake instant coffee-wannabe (but hey, it has some caffeine!), because a friend told me it might help against my persistent headaches. 🙁 I put in a lot of fake sugar, add a small bag of a weird powder, pour it over with hot water, add a bit of cream and mix it well with a mini “palični mešalnik”. I guess I’m a heretic. 😀 :mrgreen:

  4. I get to sleep no more than 4 hours per day so I have it injected intravenously. However the most usual local marks resemble battery acid more than coffee… but after passing through several years of university (and its cafe) you can stand almost everything.

    Love balkan-style one, though.

  5. That cup on your photo is my morning dose, followed by another later in the morning and yet another after lunch. Possible fourth dose follows in the afternoon. I take it strong, with no sugar and no milk. If you consider this cup equals 3 bar cups, that makes for 12 espressos in a day.
    I did experience the stimulant overdose effect, but not with coffee. British Airways. Again 10.000 metres in the air. I opted for tea insted of the infamous British coffee. All of a sudden I felt heat, palpitations …Now I drink juice on planes :).

  6. Speaking of black coffee. Some black meat would also be nice for a change. But not like the one already featured on this site. More like Denzel Washington.

  7. I’ve opened this blog with a cup a coffee in my hand:)
    Coffee is one of the things I never say NO. It’s good before sex, after sex and … no, I’ve never consumed it during sex cause I didn’t find the time yet. 🙂 It’s good at 5AM and at 11PM. Always and everywhere.
    Am I addicted? Who cares. It’s simply so f… good. 🙂

  8. In the eyes of a real “kofetar” I am of the strangest coffe drinker possible. I love the taste, but I probably don’t need it to keep me awake. I love the taste so much, that I don’t even care, what kind of it it is – decaf, proja, …. 🙂 But I drink one in the morning out of the coffe machine at work and sometimes one after lunch. I know everybody says that is not even coffe, but is fine with me. If I don’t have the one after lunch, I sometimes have one at home, my husband makes the most wonderful espresso in the world, even better than Illy at bar. Sometimes I take it ‘corretto’. I was pregnant twice and the months inbetween the pregnancies I was nursing and at that time I didn’t have coffee. But I did sleep a lot :). Occasionally I had a decaf or so. I didn’t miss it, though. But I still love the taste and the smell. I take it with three spoons of sugar. Strange, am I?

  9. Hey there 😀 Ever since I started drinking coffee, which was like 10 years ago, I strictly drink one per day, and that in the afternoon. It’s more like a ritual for me because I adore the taste above all, so it can be, as violinski said, presented in any way. 🙂 Tho I kinda like the kick of caffeine in the afternoon when things get a little sleepy, especially after lunch … Besides, I’m more hooked to green tea – I can’t start my morning without a litre or so of it … I’ve been doing that for the past few years and to tell the truth it works awesome for me.

  10. Two weeks of vacation and I’m already MIA? 😀 whoa … not so fast! I’m more than alive and kicking – you’ll have the chance to read me again this week, my loyal readers :D:D:D:D

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