High Noon In The Garden of Good And Evil

It’s been nearly four months sice “vrtički” were the top issue in Ljubljana… As you might remember from this post, the little plots of land near Žale cemetary were demolished at the time, mostly by their owners. But it was said then that it was just the beginning…

Area of “vrtički” on the bank of the river Sava. You can actually see illegal buildings by zooming in

Obviously this is not the only case of illegal or semi-legal plots of land in Ljubljana. Perhaps even more explosive is a situation at the banks of the river Sava in the north of Ljubljana, where hundreds of illegally built cottages have been erected over the years and decades. The Mayor has woved to chase them away, but they refuse to go, filing lawsuits and being rather successful. Namely, they have just recevied a decision by a court that notices of removal of illegal bulidings, which the City Administration has issued carry no legal weight.

Thus they have called the mayor’s bluff who wanted to employ the same tactics as in the case of Žale, where a mere threat of destruction was enough. Not this time, though. It looks as if Zoki will have to use brute force if he really wants to clean a rather was area of Ljubljana of illegal buildings. Because that’s what they are – buildings, cottages, homes away from home. “Vrtički” are suppose to sport little huts to keep tools in, but in this case the building are – well – visible from space. Just zoom in on this map

So the point is that Mayor Janković will probably face an angry mob once again… Not a good thing for a mayor who rides the wave of populism…

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2 thoughts on “High Noon In The Garden of Good And Evil”

  1. Visible from space? Yea but at what magnification? Don’t you think you’re exagerrating just a bit?

  2. Of course I am… at least as far as “visibility from space” is concerned… But using Google Maps I saw the extent of the problem for the first time… I mean if you go down there, you see individual houses, but you don’t get an overall picture.

    As you can see, “vrtički” are about twice the size of Hipodrom Stožice just across the river.

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