Importance of Being A Comma

dr. filomena is to blame for this post, which will forever remain a testament of my sick and perverted mind. Namely: While commenting on Friday, she said “stop taking me seriously“. This is where my perverted side kicks in… and it asks… So. Where’s the comma? Or any other pucntuation mark?

Let’s take a closer look:

This is the original:

Take me seriously.

Now.. Let’s add a comma:

Take me, seriously.

See what I mean? 😀

How about an exclamation mark?

Take me, seriously!

or even

Take me! Seriously!

Hot, ain’t it? 😈

We can even turn this into a dialogue:

A: Take me!

B: Seriously?

Damn… Who knew grammar could be this sexy 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Importance of Being A Comma”

  1. You seriously have to take me seriously, or else, this adventure might become a series of serio-comics.

  2. The last one (the dialog) shouldn’t be used.. 🙂 If someone says “take me!” you don’t have to ask anything… just do it! 🙂

  3. it all comes down to the question of position 😉

    Out of curiosity; was the Wilde reference intentional?

    @Pengovsky & Morska: must admit I never thought of grammar and punctuation in terms of sexyness before. More with stuff like “ibis redibis non morieris in bello”. But I guess that’s changed now 😀

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