The Man Who Would Be King

This week’s edition of ARF’s Belgium Explained To Slovenes (And Whoever Else ) In Ten Easy Lessons (™, © and ®) has gone AWOL. I’ve been informed by the SV/SE that ARF is away in remote parts of the world (Oostende, most likely) on some top secret spy shit.

Obvisously I didn’t buy that and have employed my own resources to find out what’s going on. It turns out that Guinness is trying to take over Van Honsebrouck Brewery, the home of The Good Stuff. But(t) apparently Laško Brevery would have none of that and have secretly employed their underworld connections with Nikšička Pivara whose boss’s son has had a fling with an illegitemate daugther of Van Honsebrouck’s former chief janitor.

Where exactly ARF ties in is at present still a mistery to me, but I think he’s trying to keep The Good Stuff Belgian and proudly independent – as it should remain 😀

Thus let me congratulate the good people of Belgium on their national holiday, celebrating 21 July 1831, when Leopold I. ascended to the throne of the newly created Kingdom of Belgium.

Leo the First

You guys kick ass! 😀

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