The Rolling Stones in Concert

6 hours of driving (5 hours on the way back), 50.000 people (10.000 Slovenes), 30 degrees Celsius and one hell of a concert.

Start Me Up, Miss You, Satisfaction, Sympathy for the Devil & Jumping Jack Flash 😀

In case you wondered what the stage looked like

Mick and Keith in action

Ever wondered what happens if 50k people leave a venue at the same time? The bridge starts swinging

To put in the words of Kieth Richards: “Fookin’ wild, man!”

UPDATE: More reactions here, here and here

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30 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones in Concert”

  1. Wow, sure looks like fun! Though I have my doubts, he may get none, but he sure tries hard, doesn’t he. Wish I’d been there. Thanks for letting us take a peek.

  2. I was expecting some more personal impressions. What did you like? What didn’t meet your expectations? Or am I too impatient again? 😳 😛

  3. @lisa: No, it was at “Ušće”, by the river Sava, across the river from Kalamegdan.

    @dr. filomena: Yeah, it was fun. Quite an experience. Not sure I follow you on “him getting none”, though…

    @Sunshine: Errr… What part of “fookin’ wild” escapes you? 😀

  4. Sunshine: He’s a man! The words personal impressions aren’t in their vocabulary 😛
    She: I love you babe.
    He: You’re so fookin’ good.

  5. @Morska: It may surprise you that I am capable of expressing myself in more than just simple sentences and formulate a subjective stance on a given issue. I thought you knew that.

    As far as the concert is concerned I feel that adjectives such as “exhilirantig”, “the best”, “awesome”, etc… would fail to capture the pure essence of rock’n’roll which was present at Ušče despite the fact that the gig was first and foremost a spectacle. Hence the term “fookin’ wild” which (in my humble opinion) captures that “je ne sais qua” which sepratares the Stones from (off the top of my head) Iron Maiden.

    I would however strongly appreciate it (and I suggest you note that for future reference) if you did not generalise any more – or at the very least included me in your generalisations.

    BTW: I could have just said “fuck you”, you know…

    And I leave it for you to decide whether I’m joking or not.

  6. For my part I find sentences like “He’s a man! The words personal impressions aren’t in their vocabulary” the epitome of generalisation. And I don’t think I either deserve or should be included in the generalisation. And if you need a quick lesson in rhetoric: I decided on your generalisation, whereas you decided on me. And that was way out of line. Please don’t do it anymore.

  7. I know it rationally. But I still feel bad about it. 🙁
    Anyway… It was the story of my life that I said/did something and than other people had a dispute over that. I guess that’s the reason for my oversensitivity on this subject. I’m gonna back off now and go contemplate on my own. 😉 My own reaction surprised me. 😳

    P.S. I sincerely hope it didn’t ruin your day.

  8. Ker je moja angleščina na prenizkem nivoju, da bi lahko z njo izrazila svoje misli, si bom vzela pravico napisati v slovenščini.
    Bil je hec, kar pa v tem trenutku ni pomembno, ker ga Pengovsky ni vzel tako. Zato mi je žal in se iskreno opravičujem (četudi se to najbrž sliši znucano).
    Na nivoju Morska – Pengovsky: Oprosti, če je iz mojih besed bilo razbrati, da si moški, ki ni sposoben argumentirati in opisati nekega dogodka ali karkoli drugega negativnega. Tega ne mislim in skoraj prepričana sem, da si tega tudi drugi tu ne mislijo, kar sproti dokazuješ s svojimi prispevki in komentarji.
    Sunshine: ni panike… napaka je moja in sprejemam odgovornost zanjo. Ja, boli.. a kurc.. tudi to je del nas…

  9. Satisfaction, that is 😉
    I don’t mind you guys fighting at all. Let me supply the mud. And the camera, for that matter 😀

  10. @Morska: OK. Šteje. Res, nisem vzel kot hec. Mislim, da je bilo to več kot očitno. Sprejmem opravičilo (pa ne ob tem ne mislim bit pokroviteljski). Veliko mi pomeni, da se tukaj zabavamo, ne da bi se kdo ob tem slabo počutil. Če pa se, mislim, da je prav, da to pove in da drugi to upoštevamo/upoštevajo.

  11. dr. filomena: Be careful, what you wish for… 😉

    @Sunshine: You definitely didn’t ruin mine and I do hope that Morska’s OK with it too.

  12. As a wise guy said:
    I’ve cried a thousand rivers
    And now I’m swimming for the shore
    I was drowning in my tears
    But I’m not going there anymore
    Thank God you’ve given me one more chance… :))))
    (remake of a BJ song:))

  13. Darn it, everyone’s friends again and the mud fight is off. Producing the mud could’ve been a problem right now, anyway. Water is too precious to spare…. someone turn off the boiler… please!

  14. @Morska: now there’s an idea! not a bad mental picture, either, thanks.
    @pengovsky: I’ll try not to cry over spilt water 😉 Did someone mention water? Phew!

  15. Rožnik could be good to.. Mine first time was a real mud wrestling… first time on Rožnik of course 🙂

  16. Thank you for posting these items – I couldn’t go there because of the little daughter of mine, but I would surely go if I could. These film brought me there and I felt like beeing there for at least a few minutes. Feels good. Oh, yeah, goooood 😀

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