За Београд… To Belgrade…

Pengovsky and rollo will be in Belgrade during the weekend for the Charlie Watts Quartet concert. I will post some material from my former capital as well as from the concert itself on Tuesday (hopefully), but today I’m posting two clips that are at the very best remotely related to Mick the Lick – but they are fun to watch, nevertheless.

Bohemian Rhapsofdy in 25 versions… No prizes for spotting Mick 😉

Evolution of dance. An oldie but goodie. 😀

And since I’m going to Belgrade, this one is a must…

The last clip deserves a post of its own, so a short explanation will be given only upon request 🙂

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30 thoughts on “За Београд… To Belgrade…”

  1. The first one is totally and absolutely awesome! I’ve seen the evolution of dance before, but I can watch it over and over again. That was just a great way to start a day. Thank you! 😉

  2. My pleasure – as always! 😀 But it really is nice to see that I put a smile on someone’s face. Especially yours 🙂

  3. 1.) No, no, no… that was not Jon Bon Jovi.. I’m not buying it :S
    2.) Hahahahahaa…. John Travolta is great.. almost the same :))
    3.) The best one… :))

  4. You promised to take a vacation! 😈 😳

    (good music. also via The Firm: I didn’t know Terrafolk very well but they’re great, it seems)

  5. Why especially mine? 😳 😉

    And yes, you did put a smile on my face. 🙂 If you have any more of those hidden treasures, share them with us on some of the upcoming days. 😉

  6. @ Pengovsky: She had it wrong also in the past few days, so it’s up to her to correct it on her side, otherwise you’ll have to do it again every time. 😉

  7. Sunshine, Pengovsky: thank you. Oll Korrekt now.

    (There must be some truth in the old Smith and the Barefoot Mare Saying)

  8. @A: Identity Problem? I’d say you’re just confused… and that’s not a problem…it’s nice 😛
    @P: Yes, yes… I’m able to deal with that… it’s a great performance… it made me laugh.

  9. Have a great time this weekend! I love that city. Will you be stopping in at the House of Flowers? 🙂

  10. @dr. filomena: As I noted elsewhere… You are smiling 🙂

    @lisa: I most defintely will 🙂 Probably will have a peek at Kuća cvječa, but we might just be to… well… stoned… to do any sightseeing 😀

    @mali: Most excellent! 😀 BTW: please, don’t use my real name here. Most people who comment here know it, but it is not necesary for the rest of the Internet to know it, right? 😉

  11. @Morska: one way or another you’ll know how it was 🙂

    @mali: No problem 🙂 Just don’t let it happen again 😈

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