Benč & Grašič

Here is a promised clip from Rock za prihodnje generacije concert Saturday last. Janez Bončina Benč and Primož Grašič doing a medley of “Navali narod na gostilne” and “Vsak dan ob istem šanku”

Janez Bončina Benč & Primož Grašič doing what they do best

I loved their gig. Both Benč and Grašič are great on their own. But together they were the high-point of the event. Just too bad they were on so soon.

More clips will be availabe at Planet Zemlja Society soon.

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11 thoughts on “Benč & Grašič”

  1. Grašič was a good moder for photos 🙂
    Remembering the old days when we were young and crazy.. oh, we still are. Or like old Skid Row used to sing: We are the youth gone wild.

  2. Thanks for sharing! It really was fun. I need to get around to posting more photos to my site. Well done you guys, do let us know the next time you do something like this.

    OH BTW I *loved* the father-daughter dancing couple that seemed to be having a great time. Him being on roller blades, holding the kid in his arms. Major ‘aaaaaaaa’ moment 🙂

    What I don’t get is why it takes alcohol and sunset to start people moving to the beat (except the aforementioned heartwarming couple). Wiggle wiggle 😀

  3. I liked the “working guy” performing a sort of “break dance” as in Poletje v školjki. Hope he’s not one of the acting crew from the film :S
    And those 2 old drunks ennjoying the beat, one of them was screaming “take off your clothes” each time someone mentioned it’s hot (he even claimed he was the father of JJ).

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