Thanks For Caring!

A biiiig thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about yesterday’s concert. Perhaps it could have been better, but it most certainly could have not been at all. What counts is your help, the fact that 3000 people attended and that the message apparently did get across. Guys at city cleaning service said that this was the first gig ever that left Kongresni trg clean and neat.

One of my favourite parts was when a five-year-old girl knew exactly which type of waste goes to which dustbin when recycling. If kids now it, we should learn it to.

The other best part was a short jam-session by Janez Bončina Benč and Primož Grašič… These guys should really start touring together. (photos and video will be available soon… Just don’t tell anyone ;))

I’m only sorry that we were not able to broadcast the event live. The mobile network just wouldn’t let the signal through – and I don’t know why. I did it several times already, but yesterday it just wouldn’t budge.

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9 thoughts on “Thanks For Caring!”

  1. So glad to read this news! I wish I could have been there, too. Have watched all the Live Earth concerts instead. It was great!
    Can’t wait for the photos…Thanks for the update!

  2. That little girl was awesome…
    Pero Lovsin made me go back to the old days when rock concerts were an every weekend domain… it was nice… 🙂

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