kalimero.jpg In today’s episode of Slovene Spy Scandal:

-When his sweetheart is doing the nightshift, who does the PM cry to at night?

-Is Tone Rop going to stick to his guns?

-Where does Borut Pahor stand?

This and more in today’s episode of Slovene Spy Scandal only on

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OK… Enough fooling around. As you probably know by now, former PM Tone Rop basically accused the incumbent PM Janez Janša of high treason. The latter seems to have lost his nerve a couple of days ago and demanded a public apology or else…

or else he will sue Rop for slander. And I went: Huh? That all you got?

Naturally, Rop categorically refused to apologize, calling Janša’s bluff who will now have to make good on his threats – or risk looking like a pussy.

But what we have now is actually a threesome made up of former, incumbent and potential PM. Namey: Borut Pahor, the leader of Social Democrats (the new party of choice by Tone Rop) is at the moment only observing the fight from the sidelines, but it is getting increasingly obvious that even if Rop brings Janša down just a notch (let alone bring him down tumbling), it is Pahor, and not Rop, who benefits in the end.

So what we are seeing now in Slovenia is the begining of a very long political endgame. Thusfar, Janša seems to be on the defensive, but I’m sure he’s got an ace or two up his sleeve, so don’t write him off just yet. On the other hand, Rop seems to have little to lose. He’s past his political prime and is apparently softening Janša up for Pahor to take him on after the presidential elections where Pahor will not run for president, declaring that he will lead his party in the ultimate battle at Slovene political Armageddon in 2008 (the parliamentary elections).

And in the midst of preparations for what will probably be the showdown of the century Janša goes crying to a judge for slander??? Either a gross miscalculation in political terms, or I’m missing something here…

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40 thoughts on “Crybaby”

  1. The answer on the 1st question: to his sweetheart’s mother.

    My question for the Eve’s Drop: I’d like to know when and where PM and UB have sex and how does it look like. How much?

  2. Oh, I see… Now I’m not sure … no sex between PM and UB or between PM and UB’s mother? :S I’m confused.. Maybe cause I’m thinking about going to see JD 🙂

  3. \m/ Aaaaand… ACTION!

    This is the next hottest thing right after Ivan Kramberger’s ex – ape going apeshit and climbing on top of Nebotičnik to conduct a little sniping spree (the spree was prevented and the ape apprehanded due to infringement on private property, or was it due to carrying weapons on soverign Aussie territory?).

    Oh, come on, I hope at least the PM’s momma gets left out of it. Eventually, we’ll find out that the whole phone-tapping thing was pulled to try and get that mythological true potica recipe off of mother Janša.

    That’s as bizzare as I can do today.

  4. No, no…alcoholics are those cowards thar are hiding behind the glass or bottle, PM is one of those who are searching for the mother they never had. :)(as he represented both to himself, remember? :P)

  5. So you’re saying that he has a sort of tautological personality, defining himself by looking for his identity? As a personality sui generis (judicial definition), or as a “endless-loop” personality (IT definition)???

  6. No and no.. but a personality that as a politician behave mostly like a Parent and as a lover mostly like a Child. The Adult is missing. (those are ego states – TA definition)

  7. An Adult is the best ego state for a politician… but they don’t know hot to deal with the other 2 that too often win. Ok, enough of psycology 🙂

  8. The third question is also interesting. Where does Borut Pahor stand? He is such a weasel. Never says anything that might compromise him, no scandal hints to his name, no mistress in the closet, nada, nothing…
    Blank, a true European format politician. I wish his hair was undone at least once.

  9. If you’re asking seriously, I think that Pahor’s indecisiveness is only a front – a PR spin, if you will.

    But yes… he does the general impression that scrambling eggs is a philosophical question with him 🙂

  10. Good point on Rop softening up Janša before Pahor can move in for the kill. Not in those extreme terms, naturally. You may have disregarded a rather important aspect in the whole sex before marriage issue. This is politics! 🙂

  11. But that’s my point! I’m betting we’ll see a highly publicised wedding sometime before parliamentary elections… Or a very secret wedding with a PR release to follow, making it the talk of the country for the forseeable future.

    And since it will most definitely be a Chatolic wedding (to woo the voters, plus JJ claims to have found god – not to mention Urška’s chatolic backround), there should be no sex before marriage. No?

  12. Or a video showing the first sex of JJ&UB ever. But only some minutes of it.. more one can get after giving his vote for JJ. 🙂

  13. @pengovsky:I think u got the answer to your question yesterday evening:”jansa is officialy a chicken, a KFC one”.

  14. Humm I see you’ve given this quite a bit of thought. Not that I’m an expert on Catholicism, but from what I hear digressions can be forgiven one way or another. Repent!

    If the church is right about anything it’s in that people are sheep.

  15. Well, I’m not an expert on Catholicism (thanks for the spelling!) either… 🙂

    Sheep, yes… But not all of us, right 😉

  16. do guys like hairy pussies, shaved pussies, inbetween or what its drivin me crazy>>:S

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