Seven Random Things About Me (naturally, a meme)

Having been tagged by my favourite moose, I’m (almost) forced to write seven random things about me:


1.) One of my ears is slighty pointed. Intriguing.

2.) I either bark and bite or do neither. This one might be a bit risky…

3.) Apparently, it is the extremity of enjoyment – or any experience, for that matter – not its moderation that makes me tick. Some people would simply say that I’ve no measure…

4.) I don’t have any luck with cards. I guess that means I’m lucky in love… I’ll say 😕 …

5.) I didn’t vote for the incumbent mayor. So sue me!

6.) I try to think two steps ahead of other people. This will be my undoing…

7.) Sun in Saggitarius, Ascendant in Leo, Moon in Scorpio. Anyone?…

Now… I’ve got to tag seven other people. Having been rather slow on my feet, most of the people I know (or e-know ;)) have already done the deed, but still… Thus I’m tagging La Poulette, Michael M., Burja, Les Canadiens, IvaG, Morska and Greciozo (give him something to post, finally)

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40 thoughts on “Seven Random Things About Me (naturally, a meme)”

  1. But do you even try your luck at cards? Or at love :)?
    I am a Saggitarius, Leo is my best choice, but Scorpio….will have to check .

  2. A big yes on both counts 😀

    What do you mean by Leo being your best choice? As in “a partner”? What about Aries? 😉

  3. You know what they say: Experiment is the basis of all science 😉 So why don’t you go ahead and try them all? 😈

    As for my knowledge of astrology: it is very limited. I only know that (contraty to some other combinations) the fiery signs (Leo, Aries and Saggitarius) are suppose to go along pretty well. But then it is all muddled by where your ascendant is, where your Moon and your Venus are, etc 🙂

  4. Wow, an impressive meme version! Illustrated and all…

    Sagittarius AND Leo? Wow! (my husband, too. Don’t know about his moon, though)
    I have suffered greatly under Scorpios 🙂 , so I shall say no more about your moon… 😀
    A Sagittarius myself, I have learnt to appreciate moderation: extremes make me THICK. I mean, you need a body that can follow the spirit and mine prefers lying in bed. 😀

    You don’t need luck at cards: thinking ahead and following the game is more important, I think.

  5. May I add something? Something’s missing… or haven’t you found any suitable pic with a nice smile like yours? 🙂

    2.) Bite babe bite 🙂
    3.) Just be carefull… you know what they say… the curve of enjoyment could turn into pain if forcing it to high:)
    4.) I don’t have any luck at games… I always lose ! As for love… I loved and I was loved.. The same persons stopped loving me and I stopped loving them… so… love brings us happyness and sorrow…
    5.) I hate his way of speaking so I’m with you 🙂
    6.) I’m a witch so I know what you’re thinking 😛
    7.) Things are never what they seem 😛 Or… fuck the horoscop, it means nothing… I used to believe Saggitarius is the best choice for a great sex but after some disapointed I’ve stopped believing 🙂

  6. We both tagged Burja. 😉 Now she REALLY has to write it. 😉 Interesting facts. 🙂

    I won’t make any comments about horoscope though, because I’d make a fool out of myself. 😳 I just know that my astral chart looks… weird (to me). Someone showed it to me once. 😕

  7. I have not yet used all my arrows.
    Do you also lick the hand that feeds you and swing your tail? Sometimes? (:))

  8. @Morska: HEY ❗ A Saggitarius IS the best choice for a great sex 👿

    Regarding no.5: I only say I didn’t vote for him. That don’t mean I don’t approve of some of his politics (and am vary of other, of course)

    What is missing? My smile? Are you flattering me=?

    @Sunshine: What about the horoscope? It’s just a set of arbitrary rules.

  9. No, not always! I have it written.. do you want me to show you? I won’t 😛
    Regarding no.5: I’ve only said I don’t like listen to him and I didn’t vote for him as I’m an outsider 😛
    Regarding your smile… it’s a fact.. I say what I mean..

  10. NObenega sledu o špičastih ušesih. Zagotovo se še nisva videla, bi si zapomnila tak odkrit obraz. Presenečenje.

  11. No evo… zdaj lahko folk potrdi ono o nasmehu :PP
    Haha, tam za Ropom pa zgledaš kot en fantek :))
    S čikom pa… si čist drugačen.. najbrž zaradi dima 😛

  12. @venera: ja, ravno špičasto uho sem skril… Me veseli, da sva se… no… videla 😀

    @Morska: Mislim, da ni čik, pač pa bolj EMŠO 🙂

  13. Razen če misliš tole: EMŠO= ekstremno masturbiranje škodi obrazu (moškemu, ženskemu koristi) 😛
    Ja no, saj je dobra 😛 Mogoče mal preveč đejmsdinovska 😛

  14. Če pravilno drkaš, potem ni strahu.. kvečjemu bo mišičasta 😛 Glede na to, da imam celo jaz male mišice na rokcah, potem deluje 😛

  15. I hate to spoil this cozy ongoing flirtation with the ladies, but tagging me with a meme?! Aaargh, you effed me up good and proper!!! Now I’ll be forced to finish the post on the Purebred parents under extreme writer’s-block conditions, darn you!

  16. Daaaahling! Like flirtation, writing is all in the wrist! 😀 Think of it as a gentle nudge rather than pressure 😉

  17. Perfect site 🙂 I will recommend it to all my friends and fans

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