Fredi Miler – The Unibrow of Pop

OK, so this is neither sexy nor political…. Although one could claim that making fun out of other people’s lack of sex-appeal is politically incorrect. But…. anyhow…

…I give you…

…Fredi Miler!

I imagine you’ll want to give him back soon 😉 (source)

Fredi is what one might call a one-hit-wonder, but personally I prefer the term “Freak Show”. He was very hot couple of years ago, he even came to the point of having his own smiley icon fm_smiley.jpg. And now he’s making a comeback, with a trance version of his “seminal” single “Vedno si sanjala njega“.

You can check Fredi out at MySpace or on his homepage, and listen to his latest single.

But even if you don’t – you’re not missing much 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Fredi Miler – The Unibrow of Pop”

  1. Fredi for president? No. IŽll keep on “sanjala njega”.

    But tell me, what do I need for this fabulous Homo Balcanicus smiley?

  2. Oh.My.God. (And I’m anti religious, so for me to call on the name of a foreign deity it has to be pretty serious :lol:). I especially luuuurve the balloons in the background which make this picture So rock ‘n roll. :mrgreen: So this is what Oasis is aspiring to, then… 😈

  3. @alcessa: you don’t actually need it. Not as such 🙂 But it might come in handy down the road…

    @ARF: ROTFL… I can like totall picture the Galaghers doing this kind of thing 😀

  4. Well, I meant smiley as smiley! God damn, Morska! 😈 I AM shaving my moustache, let me tell you!

    So which combination of symbols do I need to get the smiley to be able to call some people Homo Balcanicus without saying so?!?! 😀

  5. Oh my god, that’s even worse than this version
    But take it this way – how many countries can boast with an unibrow…? :mrgreen:

    and the first two songs on myspace – well – I really think, that Slovenia could be nuked some day for turbo folk – honestly – …

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