Shitstorm Just Won’t Abate

Just to follow up on yesterday’s post: The three stooges have suddenly fallen silent…


…but it looks like Janša and Sanader are in more trouble than originally thought.

Sanader (already embroiled in a privatisation scandal that threatens to bring down his government) is now facing claims by Croatian media that he indeed engineered border skirmishes with Janša. Croatian daily Jutarnji list goes on to note that Janša and Sanader did their deed via legmen (remember what I wrote about non-denial denial?). Unfortunately this story is in Croatian only. Croatian parliamentary elections are only months away…

Janša too, seems to be running an increasingly unstable coalition – just as Slovenia is about to start its first ever EU presidency in January 2008, not to mention the presidential elections in autumn.

Rop on the other hand is again twidling his thumbs. Or is he? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a transcript of the alleged Janša-Sanader parley suddenly surfaced.

As I said before. FUN! 😀

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