Shit Just Hit the Fan

Oh, yeah, BABY! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I’m definitely not emigrating, though… This is waaaay too much fun ❗

The three stooges: Sanader, Rop & Janša

Item #1: Government of Janez Janša wrecks havoc in Slovene intelligence agency (Pengovsky goes: disugst already dully noted)

Item #2: Dnevnik daily runs a story on Saturday, claiming that SOVA tapped the phone of Croatian PM Ivo Sanader (Pengovsky goes: Way to go SOVA!)

Item #3: Former PM Tone Rop (also formerly of Liberal Democrats, now of Social Democrats) confirms the claim and goes on to add that Sanader and Janša (then still as leader of the opposition) coordinated border skirmishes in the Bay of Piran, the disputed area of Slovene-Croatian border in the summer of 2004. Full disclosure: Rop lost elections to Janša in the autumn of the same year. (Pengovsky goes: Holy shit! Rop, are you serious?)

Item #4: Janša goes nuts over Rop’s claims, saying that no such records exist and thus either Rop is lying or there was a rouge tap and goes on to say that Rop should resign immediately. (Pegovsky goes: Wow! Dude, hold your fire!)

Item #5: Sanader loses it and call’s Rop statement “anthological political stupidity“. (Pengovsky goes: Idiot!)

Item #6: Janša appears on state TV for some obvious damage control. He states that the spy affair should end soon and that the media should focus on reporting the good economic fortunes of the country instead (Pengovsky goes: WTF?!?… Is the PM really telling me what to report?!?)

Item #7: Rop appears on Svet na Kanalu A and responds by saying that both Janša and Sanader are acting suspiciously nervous. (Pengovsky goes: Neither was he the texbook definition of relaxed)

Now…Could Rop be making it up? Possible, but not likely. Why would he? Rop is not a political idiot others try to make him look and surely he’s aware of the consequences of his actions.

So… Is Janša lying? Again: Possible, but not likely. If you look at his responce closely, Janša is very careful to categorically deny the statement that he arranged the incidents directly with Sanader, as for the rest of Rop’s statements he says that there is no proof. He doesn’t deny the claims.

And most importantly: Sanader does not utter one word of denial. He does say that Rop is acting stupidly, but there’s an evident lack of direct denial.

This is gonna be. So. Much. Fun. 😀

P.S.: What everyone seems to have overlooked is the fact that Slovene spies actually managed to eavesdrop on the confabulations of the Croatian prime minister. If I were Sanader, I’d fire my counterintelligence chief toot-suite…

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34 thoughts on “Shit Just Hit the Fan”

  1. And you really want me to post about Belgian politics? That stuff is boring compared to this! 😆

  2. Aren’t the Croatians too busy sniping at each other on Youtube?

    So it is going to be a hot summer after all! 🙂

  3. @ARF: Yes, you know I do want you to… 😀

    @lisa: A very long hot summer… Which will not abate unitil autumn of 2008 when parliamentary elections are held 🙂

  4. That’s a pretty serious accusation Rop is throwing around. Lying about orchestrating border skirmishes could get a guy in more trouble than he thinks, yeah?

  5. @alcessa: Haven’t had a holiday in four years 🙂

    @Jay: Exactly. That’s why I think he’s not making it up. He may be exaggerating, but that’s not the same 🙂 Besides. The man was a PM. Although he’s been a political lepper for two years now (ever since he lost elections in ’04) he wouldn’t let himself be used as a pawn in a game of political chess. He’s way too proud for that.

    I’m waiting for a transcript of Janša and Sanader’s chit-chat to surface 😉

  6. Oh yes, I remember now. So you see no chance for this summer? Are you sure?
    I have many more years (of age) than I’ve had holidays in my life, too, but I’ve started to realise a good holiday is really very important. Away from it all and stuff.

  7. @alcessa : hopefully I’ll return to Slovenija this Summer, be it with the band or on my own. In any case, it’ll be in the first half of July if it happens. Otherwise, I’ll be home because I have some production jobs occupying me for the rest of next month and in August and we’ll probably will start playing live by August and release our debut album. So that’s my entire Summer mapped out, give or take a few days… 😛
    @P : You know it’s coming. Honestly, being laid off at one job would imply having more time, but so far, I’ve been really busy yesterday and today! Tonight, though, I will commence my writing, for better or worse… 😛

  8. @alcessa : have I ever what? The answer could be yes or no, depending on the subject… 😛

    Blogger for a month? Wow, erm… Coming up with daily posts is something I don’t see myself having time for. A weekly segment on P’s blog about Belgian politics and culture is something I can manage. I do blog on the band’s Myspace site when there’s something (remotely) interesting to tell, but that’s about it…

  9. @Dietmar: Exactly! Truth in Slovenia is much more bizzare than fiction… If I were a writer I’d turn this into a political thriller… Or a satire

    @ARF: Come, come… Don’t be modest now. I second alcessa 🙂

  10. ARF: I am going to come out now: I’ll be away for a month, probably (20th July – 20th August). For this period I am also going to prepare some posts that will be posted automatically on my blog. BUT: ever since I wrote about an inc*st relationship I keep getting *nc*st r*p* spam and stuff. So I am very afraid someone may succeed in posting this sh*t while I am away and not able to delete it. So I thought: maybe there is someone out there who’d take over a wild blog for a month and for being so kind to check whether anyone managed to post shitty spam he or she could post whatever she wants to or not, comment and answer comments and so on. So I am trying to make a win-win situation out of it. And you were the first person I thought of.
    Now how does this make you feel? 😀 We need an honest answer, mind you …

  11. Wow! 😀 A blogagge proposal… Or an opening for a blog-nanny (whichever ever you prefer)

    The rest of us hold our breaths waiting for the answer 😀

  12. Erm… Like… Wow, that’s… Ehh… 😳

    I feel humbled that you thought of me first. 😳
    Well, I’d be all for minding your blog while you’re gone if there isn’t a more qualified person out there (let’s be honest here : I don’t really have that much blogging credentials, and that’s not modesty, P ;)). And as I said : I wouldn’t have time to post something daily. But if that doesn’t scare you off, I’ll try not to mess things up and put up a sizable trench enforced with barb wire and artillery to shut out the spam (and stuff)…

  13. OK, time for me to blush: 😳
    Sorry for jumping it on you like this… 😳
    As I said, you needn’t worry about posting because the blog will post stuff by itself regularly. But it only makes sense if you can get any pleasure out of it yourself, like, by posting or stuff. There are quite a few people here who seem to be eager to read you and I could offer you a blog that is all set-up (I could also send you screenshots with How-to). You could also join me on the board, like, right now.
    But let me repeat: I wouldn’t want you to just be my blog’s Nanny – there are some people who owe me favours out there and I can force them into taking care after my baby 😈 😀 😀

    So it all boils down to: would you like to share a blog or do you think you have other (better etc.) things to do? 🙂

  14. Everyone beware of rouge tap! Meeeoow!

    When all these country yokels are done throwing shit at each other, could we have some common sense? I know, I know that’s too much to ask.

  15. @crni: Thou hast said it…

    @camille: just hurry, before they end up killing each other and there’ll be only sane people left. We’ll end up looking like Switzerland then 😀

  16. Right, so… Sorry for the late reply, but I was away all last night and busy all day. The thing is this, alcessa : around the time you’ll be gone, I’m likely to be very busy with some audio productions. I say ‘likely’, because I have no way of knowing how much time will have to go into it as that depends on the bands I’ll be working with. While I appreciate the offer very much and would like to take you up on it if it were a less busy time, I think I’ll have to decline, albeit grudgingly, because I would certainly have done it if I had the time… 🙁

  17. Oh, that was all I wanted: a REAL answer about the state of the things. THX, ARF. 😀 Of course I know all about being busy, as I am not ashamed to stress anytime noone asks. 😈

    Now I can go on bothering other people… 😀

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