Blogres Two-Oh-Seven

To cut a long story short (as I’m sure you’ve already seen and read all the relevant reports of the event including this one), this is the report I did for The Firm™

Also, as I promised to camille, a complete and unabridged version of Michael M.’s lecture at Blogres:

All in all I had fun… I’m glad I skipped workshops (turned out I already know how to pimp my blog), besides: as me and Michael M. jointly declared (after Laško number three), we like the retro style. I finally met the man, and he’s as cool as they come.

I already knew that Poulette is the quintessential classy chick… But I also discovered that this post of hers could as well have been written in first person (especially the last two or three paragraphs :D)

And to top it all, there is a new case of Pengovsky spotting over at Catch me if you can! 😀

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11 thoughts on “Blogres Two-Oh-Seven”

  1. What’s the first word on the pullover? “NE”? Is that Croatian declination then? I just wonder about the ending of the verb…

  2. Actually, if we are talking are talking about the same pullover, it’s technically a negation, with a colloquial ending…

  3. Centri: Vsaj na živali se ne spravljajo, tako kot nekateri in jih ponujajo v oralno obdelavo… Moj dedc ima še zdaj poln žnabl bodic 😛

  4. Thanks for posting the video. This looks like my kind of geekfest! Any word on whether they are planning Blogres 08 or are the organizers still nursing their hangovers?

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