It’s Starting To Happen…

Jančič’s days at Delo seem to be numbered

Just to follow up on Satudary’s post:

Yesterday, Laško brewery, the near-single stockholder of Delo newspaper, named a new Supervisory Board of the newspaper. The new head of the SB, Andrijana Starina Kosem, until two days ago state secretary (under-minister, if you will) at Ministry of economy announced that “certain editorial changes will be made”.

In plain-speak that means that Peter Jančič (a.k.a. The Satan) will soon be replaced.

No word on Danilo Slivnik, though – to be exact, the SB is in agreement with Slivnik’s short term plans, which include a new adpaper Total Tedna.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Starting To Happen…”

  1. Hmm, sounds like Laško pivo owns half Slovenia: Union, Delo, didn’t you mention Mercator aswell?, … what else?

    In this case, a party of beer lovers wouldn’t be as exotic anymore as mentioned here – but maybe such a name would be too obvious 😉

  2. ROTFL! Good point! 🙂

    And maybe I’ll post something special on Laško one of these days… It is quite remarkable, what they’ve achieved.

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