A Front

Webs-si.net – a supposed front for SOVA

I feel like I’m a sidekick in a Tom Clancy novel… The PM has “announced shocking news” claiming that…

…wait for it…

SOVA intelligence agency established and financed a company with its black-ops fund!!!!.

And I went like… Huh?…

A company, yes… Usually, in spy-speak, such a company is called “a front” and is used “to provide a plausible background story, occupation, and means of income” according to this Wiki entry.

It is only natural for a spy agency to have a front company (often more than one), is it not? But no, the unsuspecting public is again being fed half-baked information, aimed at tarnishing the reputation of everyone in Janša’s sights, most notably (still) the Prez, with the latest discovery being painted as just slightly better than Judas’ betrayal.

If this company really is a SOVA front (which is by no means an established fact, by the way), then I must admit that someone has a sense of humour, as the company’s core business is webhosting and domain registering 🙂 Why get a court order to spy on someone’s server, when you can have your own server and attract dubious web-pages with dumping prices? 😈

BTW: For those of you who can read both Slovene and English: Please compare the Slovene version of PM’s site with the English one. You’ll notice that the latter completely fails to mention the SOVA brouhaha.

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5 thoughts on “A Front”

  1. You know what? You should distribute some good, half documentary spy novels (I can recommend Mossad) among Slovenian people. Then they will know they are served secrets one should not see divulged in the public.
    ALL IA’s have secret funds and secret locations. This is just too boring.

  2. Yes… It’s like everyone is going: “So?”

    Hopefully this shit will backfire soon. It’s already starting to happen. The Prez was declared “person of the week” by popular vote on national radio 🙂

    Re: Mossad… I’ve read one book on the agency and I must say that there are paralells to be drawn 😉

  3. I have it on very good authority that when Kucan handed over the keys to his office to Drnovsek (so to speak), Kucan wished him one thing: that he would get as much grief from his PM, as he (Kucan) got from Drni.

    Wish duly granted, I’d say.

  4. Indeed… I also heard something similar, namely that the doors connecting the offices of the President and those of the Prime Minister were constantly locked in Kučan-Drnovšek era. Later, during Drnovšek-Rop episode, the doors were walled up and welded. I guess now, there are force-fields , booby-traps and minefields in place 😉

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