So What ?!?

Forgery or the real thing?

By now you are probably already tired from the brouhaha about the supposed use of SOVA’s black-ops fund to pay for a plane ticket for an Indian quack who supposedly came to cure The Prez.

The former director of SOVA Iztok Podbregar (who – curiously enough – is now the national security advisor to the Prez) claims that the signature on the above document, releasing the funds necesary, is not his. Furthermore, he claims that the document is a forgery, a combination of at least three different documents.

While I admit that it is somewhat convenient for Podbregar to become Drnovšek’s national security advisor two years after Janša came to power, there are some other “conveniencies” present that must not be overlooked:

The one thing that bothers me the most is the fact that for the past 20 years, every time a spy scandal broke out in this part of the world, Janša was there to cry “wolf!”. Namely: the JBTZ trial was basically about a secret and possibly unconstitutional military order somehow making it into Janša’s hands in 1988. Janša was promptly arrested by Yugoslav secret service and shot to Slovene political stardom.

The infamous Depala vas scandal in 1994 (and the attempted coup d’etat) centred around a set of forged secret and possibly unconstitutional military orders. Janez Janša – at the time defence minister – controled military intelligence service (VOMO) which was locked into an interagency fight with civilian secret service VIS (SOVA’s predecessor).

And now, Janez Janša, the prime minister is exposing disputed documents, implying that black-ops fund was misused by the Prez and his office. Feels like a rerun of a bad movie.

On the other hand – even if it did happen: SO FUCKING WHAT?!?! Black-ops is used for all sorts of amoral and unethical shit, such as bribing foregin nationals into spying for Slovenia, getting foreing diplomats laid with hookers and then shaking them down for information, planting undercover agents into terrorist cells, drug-and-arm-dealing rings and stuff like that.

So if they did blow 1000 euros on getting an Indian quack here to hug trees together with the Prez in an attempt to make Drle a bit healthier – what of it? It’s kind of hard to imagine the government allocationg (say) 10.000 euros in the budget for “trying out far-fetched and idiotic, but just possibly succesful ways to cure the Commander-in-Chief”.

The paranoic in me is asking: so just what is Janša hiding if he’s so keen on turning everyone’s attention on a meesly thousand euros….

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