Only in Slovenia…

A sleepy Wednesday afternoon and the fact that I unintentionally avoided going to Portorož percipetated a meeting with Culc for a beer and as I turn to my left, I’m shocked with realisation that our Commander in Chief is quietly smiling and talking to Miha Kozinc, an attorney and his former minister of justice.

They met at a bar in the passage of Maximarket store, halfway between the presidential offices and the parliament. No bodyguards, no secretaries, nothing. Just Mr. Kozinc and The Prez. I didn’t hear what they were talking about as I was too busy fumbling my N80, trying to covertly take a photo, but I can only imagine that they were talking the all over the latest brouhaha surrounding the document leaks from Slovenian Intelligence and Securiy Agency (SOVA), whicj claimed that the President’s office made the Agency use its black-ops fund to buy and airline ticket to an Indian ayurvedic doctor who examined the ailing Drnovšek. President’s chief of staff immediately filed charges and perhaps the Prez is contemplating the same move.

But maybe not… If asked about it, I’m sure he would have said something like “can’t a guy even meet with a friend anymore?” and then put on his secretive smile.

I thought it was rather cool of him, sitting in a bar, breaking bread and what have you. As they left he stopped by the next table, patted a dog and chatted with the owner.

Only in Slovenia, ladies and gentlemen… Only in Slovenia

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7 thoughts on “Presidentspotting”

  1. Hm, dare I ask, in the spirit of your previous post, what is your position on the role of paparazzi in serious media? More credibility than sarcasm? What if the poor Prez, after he saw your trusty N80, would sit into a car and crash into the corner of Slovenska and Šubičeva? What would you say then?

  2. Ouch! Stirring the pot, are we? 😀

    But seriously: I don’t think that the term “paparazzi” applies to serious media, at least according to my understanding of the linked Wiki entry.

    The cleveage of Eva Irgl or the colour of Barbara Žgajner Tavš’s thongs is not serious content. But the Prez meeting an attorney at law in a public place is (or at least might be) of concern to serious media.

    Besides… Elected officials are public persons by their own free will. They’re in office 24/7 and being photographed in a public place is the least of their concerns.

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