Declaration of War

The Mayor doing the thing…

OK, so the liberation festivities are more or less over, but what a week-and-a-half it was! We’ve liberated Ljubljana, seen Franja hospital and fought for workers’ rights, to name but a few exploits.

But while we (OK, me) were steeped in history, politics was being made, and as everything had more than one meaning these past few days, so did the speech by mayor Janković, which he gave on 9 May. It wasn’t an ordinary “patting-myself-on-the-back” speech.

It was a declaration of war.

It seems that Zoki is not so sure about striking a deal with the government anymore.

P.S.: I just realized that I left out the best bit with Zoki saying that the people of Ljubljana are being punished for making a democratic choice and defying the government. Boys are bringing in the big guns, apparently.

P.P.S.: The fact that former president Milan Kučan was made honorary citizen of Ljubljana at the event might have percipetated the amount of venom of Zoki’s speech. The mayor is widely seen as Kučan’s frontman and prime minister Janša considers Kučan his greates political rival and arch-enemy.

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5 thoughts on “Declaration of War”

  1. Drawing the link between the occupation of 62 years ago and your current day political rivals: oh, snap!

  2. Yep… 😀 The responce by the government has thusfar been muted. Probably because they’ve got Janković by the balls money-wise, and that’s all that matters in this issue.

    But Zoki’s upped the ante, in any case. Me like 🙂

  3. Oh man, quit with the war-declarin’! Ljubljana is only being defiant ’cause of the liberation festival! It was the booze talking, we swear!

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