Mission Accomplished

And unlike Dubya we also won the war… Congrats to us, although it took us nine hours flat. Who’s in for it next year? 😀

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20 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished”

  1. congratulations 😉 Nice pics and it seems like the weather was ok, too. It’s a pitty, I couldn’t come – we’ll see, how things are next year… 🙂

  2. Alright! Our numbers increaseth… 😀 And thanks for the congratulations… If I had to summarise my feelings in one word, I’d say “OUCH!” 😉

  3. I’ll see your “OMG” and raise you another “fuckedee-foo!”… Check with Jay for the exact context of the phrase 😉

  4. Oh, OK. Let me just get on my plane…I could use a gin tonic…
    (I know all about feet and pain, BTW. Got anything cooling for them? An ointment ( a female solution) or cold water (a real-male-solution)? I am old enough to say such things… 😀

  5. @ Disablez: I feel like going dancing, but I’ve done “only” 17km altogether. 😛

    Congratulations to all that managed the whole hike!

  6. Lyra and I made it home–and now we are being subjected to the even greater torture of Eurovision. It’s going to be a long night. And all I want to do (after my long hot bath) is crawl into bed and go to sleep!

  7. Oh yeah, Pengovsky, what about my “reward” for completing the walk?

    Forgot to give you those articles. I’ll copy them and mail them to you or drop them by when I’m in Lj next.

  8. Congratulations, dear Pengovsky:)
    Sunshine and I were far from your achievments, but had a nice hike though…

  9. Excellent report, P! Now I really regret not having been there, even when I’m not much of a hiker. And congrats to all of you who took part in the hike and finished it!

  10. @Burja & Sunshine: I think its really nice you girls did at least a part of the hike, so it doesn’t matter if it you did just half of it… Everyone did the best they could under the circumstances, right?

    @ARF: Thanks! There’s always next year, you know… 😉

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