A Legend Must Have A Fake Birthday

One of his more stateworthy photos

Just like most great people and an odd search engine, The Old Man had a fake birthday and a real one. The latter was never publicly celebrated, but Josip Broz Tito was born in May 7th 1892 and not on May 25th. This mistake facilitated the failed Nazi raid on the village of Drvar on 25 May 1944.

I will post on this at greater lenght on the 25th.

In related news: On May 8th 1945 the unconditional surrender of Germany to Western Allies came to effect. A day later Germany unconditionally surrendered to Soviet Union as well. Now you know what to expect for tommorrow’s post 😉

In not so related news: Magnifico has just released his latest single “The Land of Champions”, decrying the breakup of Yugoslavia. As the single is in English and available free of charge, I strongly recommend a download!, or you can listen to it here


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  1. Oh yes, see, now THAT is a good pro-smoking shot. Ah, the undeniable nobility. Eat your heart out, George Clooney! Seriously, though, the photo is ace. I wish I could’ve made a decent comment but alas, the wages of the sin of work… Either way, keep ’em rollin’ !

  2. If you’ll look closely you’ll see, that the Old man is actually holding a pipe-shaped cigarette holder 😉

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