Drle Quitting?

Janez D. inaugurated as leader of the Movement (source: Dnevnik daily)

The Prez quit as leader of the Movement for Justice and Development on Sunday before last. Today his office (according to national television website) again announced that he will not seek reelection as President of the Republic of Slovenia – this time for real it seems.

He was diagnosed with cancer and had a kidney removed in 2001, but that apparently didn’t stop the disease and many have attributed his often erratic behaviour to progress of cancer. There is little official information on his health, with Drle claiming to be healthy, but always stopping short of saying that he is cancer-free.

Now, the obvious question is: did Drnovšek renounce two powerful positions in a single week due to his deteriorating health? And if his health is really deteriorating, how serious is his medical condition?

I sincerely hope that he is in good health. But this succesion of moves leaves me wondering….

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  1. But what happens if Petrle goes first? (prosto po Velikonji) In that case Barbie won’t run for president, but will just assume the position.

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