A Busy Day It Was

This is how I felt yesteray evening (source)

So many things have happened yesterday, I’m still trying to process it…

Firstly, it would appear that Slovene part of the blogosphere has at least nudged a company to respond to cries for help from a master blogger.

Secondly: A debate over gun control is raging over at Jay & Lisa. I’m honestly trying to understand this so called “gun culture“. It is interesting, I’ll tell you that…

And thirdly: I’m more than pleased to find some other very good blogs linking to my humble virtual dwelling.

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17 thoughts on “A Busy Day It Was”

  1. You’re growing an extra set of eyes because of all of this? Wow! 😀
    The MM vs.(mt) case is an interesting display of the power of bloggers. Like I said over at Carniola : humble pie is being eaten and heads will roll.
    Gun culture? How can any civilised group of people claim toting guns is a cultural thing? More like an outgrowth of an old and irrelevant law. I mean, do YOU see it possible that the British will invade the USA again some time soon?
    And thirdly : about time you’re getting some more recognition… 🙂

  2. Re: MM vs. (mt): Power of bloggers, you say? Sure, we helped, but I don’t think anyone should gloat about it. If (mt) is at least a semi-decent company someone over there is due for a dressing-down, on the other hand Michael is still faced with the same problem as he was two days ago. The way I see it, only new problems have arisen, and now we should stick together and help Michael all the way through, because I have a nasty feeling that someone will try to circumvent probably the most important issue of all – the financial one. If this happened to me, I’d be making some very loud noises at this moment.

    Re: Gun issue: Personally, I agree, of course… But I’m trying to grasp the logic of it. I came to compare the gun issue with the “partizani/domobranci” issue in Slovenia. Both seem deeply divisive and highly ideological.

    Re: thridly: Thanks 😀 But I must admit that there was a last minute change. Originally the third paragraph was rather different. Funny you used the word “recognition” though – because it is about that in a way. Just on a different level.

  3. Ok, that picture is wigging me out.

    I agree that no one should gloat about the MT/blog situation, but I have to say that I think it really highlights that this is a community! Hopefully all will work out for Michael (who’s blog is the one that started this whole thing for me when I was back in Canada, trying to get more info about this ‘Slovenia place’ 🙂 )

  4. As I see, carniola.org DNS servers are set up for domenca, but the web server is in mediatemple.
    That doesn’t mean it wasn’t like that before, maybe mt guys are just “fixing” things.
    If indeed Michael plans to move hosting to Slovenia, then DNS would take time to propagate, thus some people will have glitches for some hours 🙂

  5. Well, welcome to good old Europe then, Carniola 🙂

    But it’s sad enough, that a company treats their customers in a way that they have to ask all friends to link to the post, hoping the post gets top ranks at google (just an assumption, wouldn’t help in my case as I’m surrently forbiding search engines to index my site).

    My best wishes to M to get the mess fixed as soon as possible and without too much hassle…

  6. btw. as I started to type the first comment, I heard a radijski oglas™ that said something with cheap and internet and stuff, but when I listened closer it turned out to be internet access, not hosting. Funny, how I got very attentive for a second 🙂

  7. Re: Radio ad: yeah, it’s an ad for our cable operator we’re required to air in addition to several k€/monthly they’re charging us for renting a TV channel.

    Re: google: My point exactly… We didn’t exactly move a mountain, but it seems it was enough for Media Temple to take notice :mrgreen:

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